Monday, May 11, 2009

Dumbest video ever

Today, I am posting a video that I took the other night...or maybe Bagman who shoots pictures of throwing pants shot the consists of 1 minute and 33 seconds of me taking Sally for her last walk of the evening. Which means it is shot in the dark! Brilliant cinematography! Hey! Let's shoot a movie with no light! It confounds even the camera which can't figure out what to focus on and consequently focuses on nothing. So even the moon, which is visible in shakey zooms, is out of focus. Hey! Even better! Let's shoot a movie with no light that's also out of focus! I was actually interested in seeing (or hearing, rather) if I could capture the frogs around the pond behind our house as they sing out to protect their territory and attract mates.

It's amazing. People will watch anything on Blogspot!

And I do feel badly that for the last couple of years I've had to put Sally on a leash to walk her but since she is deaf, when I don't she wanders off and I have to run around to get in front of her to get her attention. Also, in the warmer months -- which is most of the months in South Carolina, there are alligators in the pond so I don't like her to get too far away.


  1. Since I am new to your blog, I am just meeting Sally; what a sweetheart! I love the video; the night sounds bring back childhood memories chasing lightning bugs!!!

  2. Hi, just wanted to say thanks for stopping by, glad you enjoyed the grotesque dolls... I stumbled on your blog while out blog surfing yesterday, brought back memories from the dim dark distant past in another life when I lived in South Carolina for a while...

  3. Awww........sweet Sally Girl!! that the moon or a UFO??????
    I'm just sayin.........

    Steady On
    Reggie Girl

  4. Alligators - Cripes - Where is Bagman when I would like him to protect me??! x