Friday, May 11, 2012

Friday Hometown Shootout - Silhouettes

Silhouettes (silhouettes)
Silhouettes (silhouettes)
Silhouettes (silhouettes)
Ty-oh, oh-oh
Two silhouettes on the shade
                    The Rays. 1957

BAGMAN: "The Rays?"

BUTLER: "A singing group in the 1950's -- hit the big time with one song and then faded out  of sight.

BAGMAN: "How are we supposed to know that?  We were 11 then."

"I only remembered the song, not the group, " I reply, entering the entertaining conversation as I enter the room while overusing the word 'entering'.  "I used to watch the original "Name That Tune" television program with my grandmother."   

BAGMAN:  "Did they have television back then?"

"Black and white, three channels, rabbit ears,"  I say.  "But I didn't have a camera yet.  The first silhouette picture I could find in the archives dates to 1968."

(Sometime back when I was a neophyte blogger, I did a series on my dad who was a hermit in Florida's 10,000 Islands -- and an alcoholic like myself.  I linked it above just in case you have too much time on your hands and want even more blogs to read.)

BUTLER: "Come on, Mark!  Linking to your own old blogs?!  Give your ego a rest!"

BAGMAN:  "Hey!  Butt out, Butler!  I like his ego."

BUTLER:  "That's because you are his ego."

"And while I was going through silhouette archives, I found this one from 1969."
Santa Monica Sunset

The little boy standing between the two women...

BAGMAN: "I was in love with them!"

BUTLER: "You were in love with everybody!  They were just fortunate that they were able to resist your doubtful charms."

Anyhow, the little boy standing between the two women had the distinction of being with me when we jumped in the mud puddle with Jim Morrison.  (Another old blog which my ego links here despite Butler's appropriate protestations).

BUTLER:  "Do you think we might just get on with the Shoot-out and stop confusing people?"

1972 - Santa Marta, Colombia

BUTLER: "If you start telling more stories or making morel links, I'm going to start singing Bruce Springstein's Glory Days at the top of my lungs!  Stop living in the past!"

"Aha!" I respond with insecure bravado.  "But the past lives within us even in the present."   I pause and then admit a bit wistfully, "Besides, I took better pictures then."

2009, I don't actually remember what this is.

Silhouetted Water

I'm sure I've posted this before...but I like it and it fits.

And finally...

BAGMAN: "About time!"

...a questionable picture I took last week:

Statue at Brookgreen Garden, SC

Does this qualify as a silhouette?  Do silhouettes have to be black?  I suppose I could look up the definition.  Or I could photoshop this and make it black?  But it seems like of silhouetteish, somehow. 

BUTLER:  "Say goodnight, Gracie."

BAGMAN:  "Goodnight, Gracie."

PS:  While looking for old links to the stories about the archive pictures, I discovered that we did a silhouettes theme in 2009.  So I could have simply re-submitted: Silhouettes back in 2009.  On the other hand, I think some themes are good to repeat and, frankly, this time around I remembered all kinds of stuff that I didn't think about in 2009.  

I think we should reschedule the theme "Silhouettes" for April, 2016.  


  1. excellent photos - can't pick a favorite because they are all good in individual ways.
    I though B&B were alter-egos not your ego...? I get confused sometimes. yes the last photo qualifies as a silhoutte as it is further defined as an outline or a for me.
    have a great week.

    1. Hmmm...once again a probing question. Who are these guys anyhow? I may have to write a blog about them. I use to think that Bagman was my "ego" and Butler was my "id"...but doing a reality check on definitions via Wikipedia, the oracle of all knowledge, I've discovered that (1) although he may be old school and somewhat discredited, I think like Freud. And (2), Bagman is the "id", I am the "ego" and Butler is the "super-ego". If you want more, the initial definitions at the top page of the following link --,_ego,_and_super-ego -- are EXACTLY the way I think about the three of us.

    2. perfect will study....up .... on your group.

  2. love the donkey, the statue at the end and your dad, my hubby and i are almost hermits, but we live together so it doesn't count. but we don't socialize or go out. i get my social on the web

  3. Where have you been all day? I know looking for silhouettes. I remember we had silhouettes once. I did not know the difference between a shadow and a silhouette. I betcha I do now. That is a marvelous one of your dad and I like the last one.

  4. Love the Santa Monica sunset shot, and the silhouetted water is unique! Nice job :)

  5. I love that silhouette water, such a great catch!

  6. Your dad looks cool!

    I like all the photos...that ghost statue is GREAT! I want one in my yard.

    I think I will try to do the water the risk of destroying my IPhone(!)

    1. Oh, I forgot to mention that it was very clever how you re-did your banner this week :)

  7. Thanks for the links (tell Butler to pull his head in) that tell the story behind the silhouettes. All your shots are bang on but I'm in awe of the water shot. Can't wait to see your post on "A photo that tells a story" - I wonder what are you going to do to your header that week. Thanks for another great entertaining shoot out.

  8. The beach photos are great, however, I personally like the boy framed by the window curtains. Excellent!

  9. These are really good - especially the silhouetted water, and I like the fact that your first silhouette picture dates from the year I was born!
    As for linking to your own old blogs - I do it all the time, and so far, nobody has complained :-)

    1. I link back all the time also, but just so I don't have to tell the whole story over and over - I don't have much ego to speak of so it can't be for that haven't studied the id/ego/super-ego defines so can't say that.... love this reply funtion how do I get it on my blogspot blog?

    2. Hello GingerV, you go to "settings" on your own blog, and there under "posts and comments" you find a drop-down button that can be set to "embedded" (that's the one you want), "full page", "pop-up window" or "hide". Simply set that button to embedded, and you're done :-)

    3. thank you ! success - and thanks B&B for the conversation oportunities.

    4. Thanks for noting that my first picture dates back to the year you were born -- makes me feel like I'm ready for the nursing home!

  10. great as always! I love the family at the beach and the water splash. fantastic!

  11. Hey, those are great! We both just used the word neophyte unbeknownst to each other! You're pretty prolific these days--I can't keep up! LOVED the one of your Dad and the Santa Monica Beach. Bagman's comments, as usual, crack me up.

  12. the Santa Monica sunset is my favourite, next is your Dad, looks like he caught a dinosaur.

  13. I like the silhouette statue, I have not seen one like that before.

  14. The statue is very different. Very creative!

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