Friday, September 7, 2012

Friday Shoot - Shallow Depth of Field

Entering the B&B studio, I ask, hopefully, "How did the stuff we shot yesterday turn out?"

BUTLER: "You don't remember how to use your camera, do you?"

"That bad, huh?" I answer, crestfallen but not surprised.  It takes awhile for the eyes to remember how to look and I was also shooting quickly so I wouldn't lose sight of Daisy who was running around the trail behind our house.  

In fact, I paid so little attention to the camera settings -- except to put it on aperature priority (thanks, Rebecca).  But I did not bother to notice that it was still set on bracketing from a month ago so that 1/3 of the shots were overexposed and 1/3 were underexposed. 

BAGMAN:  "I've got an old Kodak Instamatic you can use.  It's in a box somewhere."

I turn on the computer and look yesterday's attempts at shooting shallow depth of field and, after a moment of private greiving, delete them all.   Time to turn to the archive and pull out some stuff from the good old days when I had some idea of what I was doing.

And that's about it.
BAGMAN:  "What a wimpy blog, Dude!  You haven't even bothered to insult me one time!."
BUTLER:  "And you have not even taken the time to do something cute with your header picture."
"Give me a break, guys.  At least I showed up and I wanted to save some time to look at what my friends have done with their blogs."
BUTLER: "You are going to be envious."


  1. I'm worse than you I didn't even try to find something interesting up here in the mountains... I don't see why Bagman has to be so sarcastic... didn't see him offering to watch the baby so you could concentrate.... okay so next time take a minute to share a glass of Kool-aid with Daisy and set up your camera for the day.... Love the squirrel and the bubbles. hugs

  2. Daisy is the baby? not one of your puppies.... oh dear I've forgotten.

  3. Well you will just have to get back in the swing and get those skills sharp again. There are some great shots here and I guess I will learn one day. I just understand Rebecca's tutorial now just to find that on my camera. Glad you are back.

  4. I really like the bubble-blowing guy. Excellent shot.

  5. The images you have shown are wonderful - I am particuarly fond of the three vultures in the trees,this holds such mystery

    Thanks for visiting my blog and commenting
    To a wonderful weekend


  6. Beautiful DOF images. The 4th photo which I guess is a plant looks to be a monster to me lol! I can imagine that plant crawling with that tiny mouth and those long legs ekkkkkkkkk!!! ^_^


  7. Never mind, never mind, you'll get back to it. I have to admit, they were good.

  8. Despite the bickering you still managed to get good shots! my favorite is of the twigs with birds in the background.

  9. I'm afraid I don't get it - what is "shallow depth of field" supposed to mean?

  10. You made me very happy today, that NY artist, comes to a nation wide fashion week dressed in pajamas.

  11. The bubbles look like fun. The vultures look a little haunting through the branches.

  12. Love the bubbly guy all to pieces. All nice shots but that one made me smile out loud.

  13. Who's daisy? Love bubble blowing guy! No, that's not right, love the bubbles. And the last shot, creeps me out a bit, but it intrigues me, let's me see enough to want to see more.