Monday, August 10, 2009

Roxie and the Tennis Ball

My last post was some stills of Roxie playing with Daisy and without motion and sound they looked scary. So I thought I'd post a movie of Roxie playing with me...although trying to throw a tennis ball, catch a dog, and hold a camera at the same time gets a bit frantic.


I usually reward Roxie for doing her "duty" (doody) outdoors instead of indoors by taking her off leash and romping. But she is getting to be a typical teenager and the last two times she has tested her bounderies by grabbing the tennis ball and then instead of running back to knock me over, heading out down the street...

So we are having some discussions about this. Tonight I showed her the movie so she would know what I wanted her to do. Her reaction to my educational film was to try and run away with the computer mouse in her mouth.

I guess I need to watch more episodes of the Dog Whisperer.


  1. Looks like she's having fun.


  2. I think she is constantly having fun...

  3. I'm back from vacation and it is good to see you are still blogging!

  4. You have more patience than I do with a pet. I would just have to give up and let Roxie have her way. I guess that is enabling bad behavior?

  5. Dogs have such fun! we could all take a lesson...

  6. Ah, she would love to play with my two. We have one that retrieves and never runs off and one that thinks everything is a big game and is very unpredictable.

  7. haha, I think I will do a "Dog Whisperer" marathon if I ever decide to get a dog again... those pooches definantly know I am not the Alpha dog out there (but no more I tell ya'). Love the post Mark!

  8. Remember to stay "calm and assertive" Mark, the hallmark of a good "pack leader".
    By the way I just saw Cesar Millan get bitten by a dog on his last episode. So maybe he doesn't know everything.

  9. We had dogs at various points in our lives. They were just part of the family and we did not sweat all that stuff. Just enjoyed them. But now, need to do what Cesar tells us. And it works and is interesting. Needed to apply it to my own kids and students. And some maturity helps. Dog maturity, that is. Refuse to gain maturity myself.