Thursday, February 17, 2011

Friday Photo Shootout - Twisted

So I'm about to leave work and go home and work on the Friday photoshoot - twisted.  I look under my desk at work and get my first shot. 

It's not Ansel Adams but at least I have taken out my camera and actually photographed something so I feel pretty good.  I start to call my wife to tell her I am leaving work -- I'm not sure why I got into the habit of always checking in.  I guess it's sweet.  But I start to pick up my work phone and...

This is not as bad as it sometimes is...but WHY I've often wondered do telephone cords always get twisted?  It's not like I'm turning in circles when I talk on the phone.  In fact I almost always just pick it up, talk, and put it down.  So why it twists up, I haven't a clue.  I wonder if Alexander Graham Bell had the same problem.

Undeterred, I zip on home past a twisted palm tree.

Hey!  At least I'm shooting again instead of pillaging the archive!

And here's another I took this week!  I shouldn't brag because I've done so little shooting, the camera confused me (controls all twisted up in my mind) so I just shoot automatic...and without much thought.

Lots of handles you could twist on this thingamabob.   I guess maybe the fire department knows what to do with it.

But traffic is so tangled up that I wish I was riding a bicycle instead of driving a car.

Well, maybe bikes tangle up too!  And, of course, now I'm back to the archive.

But I get home and start to head for the Bagman and Butler Studio when Karen stops me to ask if I can connect a cute little pre-school video game that the grandchildren got for Christmas..."Sure, no problem!" I say crawling behind the television.

Wait a minute.  Is it Video Input 1 or RGP input 3 and AUX 1...Does anybody remember when you just turned the television on?  And why do we have three remotes for one television?

And before I get to the B&B studio, Karen has another "To Do" for me. 

She knows that I like puzzles and so I often get the twisted puzzle task of separating out her necklaces. 

And on my way upstairs, I notice another VERY SUBTLE twisty thing -- 

Don't try too hard to see what is twisted because it is Microscopic!  The grandchildren LOVE balloons.  The rubber balloons, of course, lose their helium within 24 hours!  But the Mylar Balloons keep helium in forever.  This one slipped free of it's string over a month ago and ascended to a place of safety high on the vaulted ceiling.  Now you can see that it is just beginning to get flat and, in fact, has begun moving.  It will be interesting to see where it ends up.  The last one that got stuck on the ceiling, for the grandchildren to point at daily, eventually reached a point where it was neutral to gravity.   So it would float around the house for a couple of days and we would find it in the second floor bathroom, in the hallway, in the kitchen -- it was like a ghost and would move at night and sometimes you'd walk into it and scare the spit out of yourself.  I suspect this one will soon start wandering as well.

BUTLER (who has come down to see why I'm dawdling): "And what has this got to do with the "Twisted" theme. 

I explain to him that it might be a stretch, but I figure the microscopic fibers in the Mylar material must be really twisted very tight to keep in helium atoms for so long.

BUTLER:  "You're right!  That is a stretch."
I walk in to the studio to download the camera realize I loaned Brian one of the cords that link the camera to the computer.  But I have a spare.

Although finding it and untangling it might be a problem...

Meanwhile, Bagman and Butkler, who have no faith anymore in my ability to use a camera have been ransacking the archives and are ready to post old shots without me. 

BAGMAN:  "I've got one!!  I've got one!!  The lustful twisting and tangling of bodies while..."

BUTLER:  "Don't say that word!!

BAGMAN:  "What word?"

BUTLER:  "The 'F' word!"

"Never mind the word," I say, growing concerned, as always, with Bagman.  "Don't post the picture!!"

BUTLER:  "No problem.  I've got enough for the rest of this post and I'm controlling the computer."

I set about the task of untangling my spare wires while Butler starts posting twisty things from the archive.

And then we are done.  

I go downstairs to untangle some spaghetti into my stomach.

Butler goes to his room to iron out some tangled creases from his dress shirts.

And Bagman...

waits for the moment to be right to add his x-rated tangled love picture...

and waits

and waits

and waits...

And finally

when no-one is looking.

Sneaks it in!


  1. The tangled up cords look somehow familiar... And so do the necklaces, for that matter! ;) And the balloon story got me laughing.

  2. Bravo! I take pictures of cords behind electronic devices so I can reproduce the pluggings-in if I have to move it--mines aren't as artistic as yours.

    TOTALLY agree about the mylar balloons.

  3. Oh my your photo header is the best ^_^


  4. Well, you had me at The Header! I could barely see the all the Twisted and Tangled, but my eyes cleared just in time to see Bagman's XRated entry! Very funny and fun read...great selection from each of you! Forever I have wondered where they get Wireless in the computer World when behind every PC and TV is a Wired Nightmare!

  5. Oh that was a grand read. Made me laugh right from the header. I know now to always look there first for any theme. Great job.

  6. Your header is brilliant! Love how you see the extraordinary in the ordinary. Love the thingamabob and the bikes, I laughed when I imagined someone arriving to clain his bikes from the midst of that lot. Thanks for another great laugh.

  7. That's a love picture? huh. I feel like they should make eye contact. oh, never mind.

    I think the trend to "wireless"is really good, although rather mysterious: how does anything work without a tangle of cords?

    Your header is kind of disturbing, and I'm going to try not to look at it again!

  8. your header photo: Drank too much of the shaken and not stir stuff?

    You are so clever.

  9. I can't stand seeing wires/cables tangled like this, so I make sure the hubby tied them nicely and label them! but of course most are hidden so I really don't bother anymore!

  10. There was a time when the bit behind my husband's desk, where he kept not only his computer but also his radio amateuer equipment, looked very similar to the inside of the ISS. And I only own three or four necklaces, and yet they somehow still manage to tangle up in the jewellery box.
    Most twisted and tangled, though, are my thoughts - and those are impossible to take pictures of (which is a good thing!!) :-)

  11. Wonderful post, Mark! Your humor is priceless.

  12. Well, one thing that is confirmed, YOU ARE TWISTED!
    Enjoy your nice warm weeknd!

  13. You live a very twisted life. But I think most us can relate to that!

  14. Thank you Mark for your kind comments on my FSO. I felt that my photos are getting better and I am so enjoying learning form all of your 'pros' but it sure helps to have that verified by someone who's photography I admire. Blessings

  15. ROFLMAO...giggle snort...whaahahah..sorry the lizards made me blow coffee out my nose..heehee. Ok am ok now..snort..really am. What a great always delightful Mark!! I really loved the blue one and was wondering ..would you mind if I drew the last tree..with all the that is cool!
    Wonderful shootout! Sarah :)

  16. I burst out laughing even before I started reading. Love the ending to the story as much as the body. Great post.

  17. I also wonder why the phone chord gets all twisted! I enjoyed your shootout. I really love the shot of the roots.

  18. I love how your twisted mind works, I'm a big fan! What a great Post!

  19. As usual, I'm out of breath by the time I finish reading your post - and it had nothing to do with the x-rated final shot!

  20. Glad I popped in when I did. You know how to put the fun in twisted.

  21. Like the cords, and the bikes, and of course the lizards :-)

  22. I was taking a drink of my pop when I clicked on you post and then almost choked!! (your header shot) priceless. very funny post as usual and I hate the phone cord at work. always in a tangled mess. I will unhook it and straighten it out. pet peeve of mine I guess. great post!!

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