Thursday, April 21, 2011

Friday Shoot-out: EARTH DAY!!

"Hooray for Earth Day!" I scream loudly, walking into the Bagman and Butler studio.

BAGMAN:  "This is going to be political, isn't it?  You're going to tell me I can't eat meat or something."

BUTLER: "Cool it, Baggie.  Mark just wants our beautiful planet to be available for his grandchildren.  What's political about that?"

BAGMAN: "As long as we don't get into some long discussion about saving the whales."

"But they are rather nice," I protest, posting a picture from my archives from off the coast of Boston.

BUTLER:  "Do you have any new ones?  Or is this going to be all old archive stuff."

"But I really was a better photographer back then...poorer equiptment but more energy."

BAGMAN:  "As long as it doesn't get political."

"Eureka!"  I shout.  "I found a picture I took on the very first Earth Day." 
It was more political then.

And not so fashionable.

BUTLER:  "And you should have had someone else develop your negatives because yours are all pretty thin."

BAGMAN:  "Hey!  We had a darkroom then and we always had a gallon of Tavola Red Wine to give us inspiration!"

BUTLER:  "Yes, that would explain the thin negatives and lousy focus."

"But don't you think we've made progress over the years in saving the Earth?"

BUTLER: "At least you stopped drinking!  But don't you have any recent shots from this week?  Or are you going to rely on archives for the rest of your life?"

"This is fairly new," I protest.

BUTLER: "You posted it over a year ago!"

BAGMAN:  "Hey!  Polution can be beautiful!"

"This is only a few months old.  And it shows the harvest of the sea!"

BUTLER:  "But you told us you were going to try and shoot something new each week."

"Okay," I acquiesce. 

BAGMAN: "What kind of a pseudo intellectual uses 'acquiesce' ?"

Ignoring the jibe, I decide to post a few things that almost fit with the theme.  Because I want the Earth to be around so my grandchildren can teach their grandchildren how to fish and there will still be fish to be caught.

Uncle Barclay teaches Conner to fish


Caught one!  Annabelle wants it badly!

Conner is not quite sure if he wants to touch it.

But finally risks it.

And, yes, we released it back to it's home environment which we hope will be safe from pollution and global warming...

BAGMAN:  "Politics!!!!"

...for years to come.  So it can eventually teach it's fishy grandchildren how to be caught and touched by children learning to fish.  

And we will miss Uncle Barclay terribly!!  He has been living with us for several months while he finished up medical school at MUSC.  But will be leaving in June to begin his 7-year residency in emergency surgery at a hospital in Seattle Washington.

I've mentioned Barclay before.  The son of my wife's best friend, I watched him grow up and now am in complete awe of him.  Not content with the mere challenges of medical school, he has been doing voluntary treatment in Nepal and research in Kenya and the Sudan to help eradicate disease -- and he is a great supporter (yes, Bagman, politically) of the Earth and everything that lives on it.

A fond farewell kiss for the fish before sending it home.

BAGMAN: "Maybe he just thought it might turn into a beautiful princess."


  1. Hehe! I loved it all...except kissing the fish. :) Happy Earth Day!

  2. "Cool it, Baggie" ??? I somehow find it hard to believe that Butler should say that :-D

    The fishing picture (where they all stand close to the water with their backs towards the camera) really has got something.

  3. The VW: an earth day car as it is not a gas guzzler?
    Fishing: Fantastic family outing, not a gas guzzler.

    I love your take of this theme.

  4. Actually I love the last shot - "Kiss a fish for Earth Day"
    Love your unique take on the topic. You never disappoint.

  5. It is political for sure, but I wish it weren't. I welcome Uncle Barclay to the Northwest; from the sounds of it he will like it here. If he wants to visit Oregon, he can crash at our place. Green Central here.

  6. I love the pictures! The puppy begging and the fish kiss. And it is warm enough where you are for Conner to go outside w/out pants on! I am so jealous! Still flippin' cold here in Ohio.

  7. I ALWAYS check in on Fridays for your photos--this one was wonderful! As usual--love the banter. I especially loved the old black and white with the VW in the background. Clever.

  8. i am waiting to see if the fish kisser now has a princess. love this post, really good stuff and funny and all true. amen and hears to a green earth

  9. Awwww, that's so cuuuute, fishing with Barclay!
    Re-found my tshirt that says "Save the Whales: Collect the whole set!" - must wear it tomorrow.

  10. Loveeeee the family photos!! Thanks for sharing!


  11. I always look forward to your entry every week, somehow you always show a different perspective yet humorous . And I love the family photos too.

  12. always you get me smilin'!! Wonderful..loved your perspective! The fish kissing ..priceless! Sarah :)

  13. After reading this delightful post, I am going to come back regularly are a funny bugger!

    It would be great if we all worked together and made Earth Day a commitment every day and save the Planet Earth from more human destruction.
    Take care dear friend.
    Peggy xxxxx

  14. Reminded me of when I was fishing with my nephew who was about the same age as your Connor. When asked if he wanted to touch the fish, he said, "No he might bite me". I told him that fish had no teeth. "Yeah", he said, "but they have hard lips".

  15. LOL Loved the post, Mark. Have you retired yet?

    Jack, they do have hard lips. LMAO

  16. great presentation! the pile of tires is depressing isn't it? and I was wondering if that was you in the plaid pants? lol love the last shot. and Jack, some fish have teeth!

  17. New shots or from the archives your post always hit the mark. We just put up with B&B cause you do. Makes for a great style. Great job.