Thursday, August 25, 2011

Friday Photo Shootout -- High and Low

"What's Bagman doing on the floor?" I ask when arriving for this week's shoot preparation.

BAGMAN:  "Shooting from a low angle!"

BUTLER:  "Typical for Bagman...low life.   Probably used to the floor."


BUTLER: "While you down there, can you get the dustballs from under the old icebox?"

BAGMAN:  "Go fly a kite!"


"By the way," I mention, changing the subject, "Have I told you boys how happier I am since I retired.  I feel much more high about life.   And I remember the last photo I took as I was leaving Charleston Center heading down the back stairs."


BUTLER: "You weren't changing the subject.  You were just trying to find a segway to that photograph.   And it was a real stretch.  You don't need to be cute ALL the time, you know."

"You're probably right," I admit. "I probably don't have to try and find something cute to say about the highs and lows of military life. 

The Highs of the Air Force

The Lows of the Navy

BUTLER: "No, you don't have to try and reach for cute captions.  Besides, it's not a real submarine coming out of the grass at Patriot's Point.  It's just a memorial.  And not only that but if you remember, those planes were the Blue Angels -- Navy and not Air Force."

BAGMAN:  "Picky picky!  Let him play!  Hey!  I found a dead bug under the couch!"
I'm a little irritated at Bagman's revelation that I'm confusing branches of the Armed Services.  "Here's a real Air Force plane."

BUTLER: "I've seen you do better work with Photoshop.  I never really liked that one.  It lacks subtlety."

"Okay.  Okay.  Let's switch to the highs and lows of nature."



BAGMAN:  "Hey!!  When I lie on my back and can shoot the ceiling fan!"

BUTLER:  "If you are lying on the floor which is low and shooting the ceiling fan which is high, is the result high or low?"

I start to ponder this conundrum...

BUTLER:  "It's not a conundrum.  A conundrum is a play on words.  This is more of a logical question about perspective."

Okay, so I start to ponder this logical question about perspective but I'm interrupted by my wife who calls out to Bagman, "While you're down there, can you vacuum under the refrigerator?"

That's not much fun at all but since I'm so handy around the house, I leave the studio to go find the vacuum cleaner.  I start to ponder about whether why anyone needs to clean vacuums. 


  1. Strangely enough, I like the "low" pictures in this selection better than the "high" ones, especially the first and the third one. That threadbare staircase and the ugly, painted concrete wall have an appeal I find difficult to explain.

  2. All these changes of perspective make me dizzy! :)

  3. LOL as always...wonderful! I loved the photoshopped one..interesting! The fan and the jets were amazing. Am the daughter of an Airforce pilot so always love those!
    Sarah :)

  4. I see that with small children at your house you are adept at getting down on the floor. Keeps you in shape.

  5. I quite like the snake picture, although it wouldn't be ME taking that picture. Charming, as usual.

  6. I simply love the picture of that planes, awesome!

  7. Wow I missed the mark. I thought the theme was something old, new, borrowed and blue. Where ever did I get that? Great job. Quite a thing to ponder.

  8. Looks like you have some rather nifty antiques there! Love the icebox on wheels!

  9. I tried to guess before clicking on your link what your header would be this week. Wrong, of course, what you did was much better! Love the ceiling fan and the snake. Although it wouldn't be me getting that close to a snake, regardless of the species.

  10. Very interesting high and low photos here especially the snake ekkk!! Happy weekend!


  11. A great selection and (as always) brilliant commentary. I bet you vacuumed before taking the first one!

  12. low and high is depend on where we arelow and high is depend on where we are

  13. did you draw on the photo or photoshop the giant centipede kite?

  14. I think the three of you had fun with this one. great job guys!!

  15. But often there is not anything logical about my perspective. ~Mary