Saturday, October 6, 2012

And out of long silence -- suddenly a poem

Second Childhood

I never expected at my age
 to be rolling  around on the floor like this
without the need to call EMS

(If the people who once called me boss
could see only see me now.)

Squeals that out-wail sirens,
small bodies that fly at me
with pillows from the couch
(where I'd prefer to be)
their ecstasy in their favorite toy
so animated, large,
so soft and bald

I remind myself from earlier days in another ring
to protect myself at all times.
I  wonder why I am now the one
in fetal position,

and when they'll start to enjoy, instead, my mind,
assuming it ever will function again.


  1. i'm happy that i stopped by and caught a post. o'course a poem shouldn't require explanation, but i can't help it, does this one involve little grandchildren having fun?

    keep on blogging!


  2. Thank goodness. I was beginning to think you had passed from this orb to the next. So glad you are enjoying the grands. I miss my little ones. All grown up and dressey, jewelry, ballgames and BBFs. Hope you are feeling at home in the new home.

  3. LOL! What a beautiful vision. Of course with me - it is my dogs. I would much rather have real life grand children. Sigh.

  4. Lovely. I'm glad I stopped by today. My grandchildren are in their twenties and I sure do enjoy their minds. There is, indeed, hope for the future. This new generation of voters and patriots will make a difference.

  5. I love this poem! So glad that a very strange Blogland route guided me to it this morning!

  6. just so you know, reading this poem a few weeks ago prompted my 'one step' poem.... good job.

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