Thursday, March 24, 2011

Friday Photo Shootout - Yellow

BUTLER:  "Well, I certainly didn't expect you to show up this week!"

"Why not?"  I ask, sitting down at the computer and firing it up as if I still remembered what I was doing.

BUTLER:  "When you skipped 'Chaos'..."

BAGMAN:  "Which is right down our alley!"

BUTLER:  "How could you get excited about 'yellow'?"

I considered this for awhile.  Yellow is a rather pale theme...hard to get as excited about yellow as you can get about red or purple.  But I did know the reason I had shown up for this one.  But it was embarassing and I didn't want to admit it.  Finally, I said, "Do you want to know the truth?"

BAGMAN (Doing his best Jack Nicholson immitation):  "The TRUTH!  You can't HANDLE the truth!"

"Sure, I can," said calmly.  I've been feeling more and more mellow with only five more days left in my nine-to-five grind.  Mellow yellow.  But that's another story.  Back in the 70's, in Hollywood, I went to a party and met the guy who sang "Mellow Yellow."  But now I'm too senile to remember his name and back then I was too drunk to remember anything about the event except falling forward on the table and spilling his beer into his lap.  He probably doesn't remember me either.  I hope.

BUTLER:  "Excuse me for interrupting an old memory but you wereabout to tell the truth to Bagman?"

"Oh yes.  Digressions are my bane."

BAGMAN:  "Bane?  What the hell is a bane?"

"Anyhow, the truth is that yellow was an easy and not time-consuming theme for archive searching because could pull a hundred thumbnails up on the screen and just look for yellow.   That way I can post a lot of pictures real fast and go back to sleep.  Pure laziness"

BUTLER:  "I hope you can find some time this weekend to at least look at what other people are doing.  You have been very impolite and self-centered these last few weeks."

BAGMAN:  "You think you're so special just because you are retiring next Friday."

Ignoring him, I pull up thumbnails and start slapping them randomly onto the blog.

This one is almost recent...
Conner explaining the concept of bath to Noah.

And this one is ancient...
Before early manipulation with some free download program

At least this was actually taken in my hometown...

As was this one...

And this one...

But NOT this one
Although I wouldn't mind if Tuscany was my home town

BUTLER:  "Tuscany, my dear adled Mark, is not actually a town."




BAGMAN:  "That's it?  No cute smartass comment at the end?  

BUTLER:  "Sshhh....he's fallen asleep."

BAGMAN:  "I knew he couldn't handle the truth.


  1. well now i am thinking you went archive diving. i might have to do that in the future. this time while looking at the flea market for chaos i found so much yellow i could not post it all. never knew there was that much yellow out there. congrats on the retirment. i have been retired since sept of 2006 and LOVE IT

  2. Thank you for brightening my day. I'm in a fiscal year end at work and your humour was just the medicine I needed. Cheers Mark! Elaine

  3. Hello Mark, of the yellow eyes, have you turned jaundiced on us? Wherever you got the photos they are bright and cheerful. Blessings

  4. Lots of great shots, Mark. When I saw the word "jaundiced" I worried that you were sick, so I'm glad to see you in fine form! When I saw the sunflowers I knew where you had taken the picture b/c I have one that matches it, snapped through the window of a car. Love 'em.

  5. Retirement--I highly recomend it. I like your blog especialy the Princess in the pile of blue and yellow balls.
    I also love the instructions about the bath. I have a 3 year old grandson and what a spark plug, the other 6 grand children are all at a difficult age. Keep snapping

  6. You certainly slapped a bunch of nice Yellows onto your blog from your archives. I guess yellow eyes don't make you see EVERYTHING yellow! Just more day and you can Mellow YellowOut! Congrats and enjoy your you fish?

  7. those sunflowers are JUST what i needed today. and a little witty repartee, of course. THANKS!

  8. He had yellow eyes, so help me God, YELLOW EYES!

  9. Well, if that's a jaundiced view I'll take it any day. I'm giving thanks I didn't post a photo of my chrysanthemums, it simply couldn't compare to the soft buttery yellow of yours. And I love your first weird shot (after the header that is), the colour is just beautiful.

  10. The yellow certainly do brighten up our day, love especially of the the 2 boys in the tub- priceless shot.

  11. Mark, you make me laugh and your pictures make me smile, I just want to run through the beautiful sunflower field!

  12. I especially like the "explaining the concept of bath" one ;) And yes I agree that at least with colour themes you know what to look for!

  13. Yellow happens to be my favourite colour. I am just waiting for the temperatures to rise another little bit in order for me to wear my favourite dress which is, you guessed it, yellow :-)

  14. LOL Mark...wonderful as make me smile! I am a yellow fan..and despite saying you had to go wonderful shootout. I think my favorite by far is the kiddos in the tub..but then again I adore I teach! I also loved the shot from under the water..wonderful!!! You are not alone..can't remember the name of that singer either..does that make me senile too??Ackkkkkk! Have a great weekend hon, Sarah

  15. Donovan. Your own personal icon for Hall of Shame memories. The photos provide redemption, however.

  16. LOL it's nice to do archive diving ^_^. But your shots are excellent. So Tuscany is not a town? Is it a city? Happy weekend!


  17. I always look forward to seeing the changes you make in your header each week and you never fail to amaze me and make me giggle. Love all the yellow photos especially the manipulation before photoshop and the bathtub scene. Great shots, Mark.

  18. Hello Kim, Tuscany is a region, not one single place. It is lovely with undulating hills topped by rows of pines and with vineyards and olive orchards on their slopes.

  19. fantastic shots no matter where they came from. the tub one is so cute and love the reflection of you and the building in the Christmas bulb. ?? I have some like that also. fun stuff!!

  20. I wasn't so bored I think their all all pretty mellow yellow though. I'd like to live in Tuscany too.