Sunday, March 20, 2011

Friday Shootout - St. Patricks Day

I pop unexpectedly into the Bagman and Butler studio. Neither of them are impressed and both of them nursing resentments because I’ve been ignoring them.

BAGMAN: “What the frammatz do you want?” (Except he didn’t use the word “frammatz” (which is not actually a word anyhow)).

“It’s Friday!”

BUTLER: “I didn’t think that meant anything to you anymore and, besides, it will be Saturday in a few more hours.”

(Editor's Note: Actually it is already Sunday -- time flies)

“I know. I know,” I say knowingly. “But I don’t have time to argue. But I think we can get in a small post although it may be cheating since I didn’t actually take the photographs.”

BUTLER: “That really is cheating! If there are any Friday Shootout rules worth enforcing -- using your own photographs is one of them. You should NOT post these! Just go back to your room and keep moping about your retirement identity conflicts.”

"But it’s almost not cheating because, while I didn’t take the pictures, I’m in them. The staff at Charleston Center threw a Retirement Party for me and five other people who were also retiring and it had a St. Patrick’s Day theme!

BAGMAN: “You sure it wasn’t really a St. Patrick’s Day party and your ego just convinced yourself it was all about you?”

“And five other people,” I protest. “See!”

BUTLER: “I only count four other people.”

“The sixth one was late. Don’t be so picky.”

BAGMAN: “If I didn't know better, I'd think you'd been drinking.”

“But, at least, I've got a St. Patty's hat on. Is this any better?”

BAGMAN: “Now you just look like a really sad, fat, old geezer.”

“How about this one?” I say testily.

BAGMAN: “Your eyes are closed!  Couldn’t stay awake for your own party, huh?"

BUTLER:  "The Congratulations are not holding up very well."

BAGMAN:  "And he's wiping his nose in his sleep!"

I give up and leave the room to avoid further abuse.   From now on, I will have more empathy with my wife when she sees an unflattering picture of herself that I have taken and tells me to delete it immediately.



  1. I'm here first so I elect myself adjudicator and I think photos with you in them meet the criteria.

    Gosh you do look to lack a bit in the spirit of things in that third photo, very forlorn. Good on you for being the only one to wear the silly hat!! The last one looks like you've found a double meaning in what the speaker is saying - that's more like you!

    Hope you are smiling again soon.

  2. Congrats! Welcome to the world of old retired farts! I just love it here.

  3. You looked fine in that hat until the last photo. So sad and yelp the congratulations are a little one sided. Hee Hee. Anyone who can wear that silly hat has my vote for "Good humor person."

  4. Oh god, I'm almost falling off my chair here laughing!! :-D
    "But it is almost not cheating..."
    he he he

  5. Looks like you got pics in there of you, Bagman, and Butler!

  6. A retirement-St Pat's party sounds pretty fun even if there wasn't any green beer. Congrats!

    Seems to be a trend here: I didn't take all of my St Pat's Day pics either.

  7. So when is the very last day, Mark? Love the hat. ;-D

  8. Bagman knows how to just lay it (it being blarney in this case) on the line -

    I am one of the founding 'father' so to speak of the MTFSO - and I say if you are in the photo it is better if you aren't the one taking it.... like while driving, that sort of thing. this is a welcome change from the 'no rules' rules.
    thanks for spending some of your blogger time dropping by 'flowers'.

  9. happy retirement Mark!! so nice to see pics of you. looks like a great party. I expected to see you have green eyes in your header shot. :-)

  10. You were a great sport! I know you will missed!!!!!

    I cannot wait to hear about new adventures.