Friday, February 1, 2013

Just to prove I'm not dead

At least not yet.

But I do seem to have abandoned blogging for the most part.   Just spending a little more time in the real world -- not that any of you are not real!  More time with grandchildren and also getting out with the camera a bit more and trying to learn something about High Dynamic Range photography.  But not getting very good results yet. 

I do miss reading blogs and I do miss so many of you. 

It was also scary to come back today, look at my last blog and see that it had been spammed by several people selling money making ideas and porn.  I deleted them but wondered whether they have also hit earlier blogs.  Damn.  Why can't everybody be nice?  I guess there are just so many people in the world that there have to be outliers to the statistical niceness bell curve. 

I've also been spending more time in the woods behind our house. 


I discovered last October,  that it is a lush battleground between vines and trees. It has been urging me to experiment with a photo series that I think of as "The Codependency of Vines and Trees." many blogs could be written about that.

I'm not getting the images that I see in my mind yet but I'll post a few.  There are some things that don't convert well from idea to image.  Vines on trees may be one of those subjects.  Too busy!  Too messy.  But I guess that's also true of codependency.  


Bagman and Butler aren't here right now but they send their regards.
BUTLER: "Easy does it, Baggie.  He just doesn't want to put in the extra time and energy to let us dialogue."
BAGMAN: "Lazy bugger."