Friday, December 20, 2013

Friday Morning Shootout -- Breaking the rules, as usual

I know the theme is about celebrating the holidays but I've been busy enough preparing for the holidays -- made difficult since the grandchildren are around and trying to get their presents hidden and then revealed and then wrapped and then hidden again leaves little time for shooting the celebration.

Of course, I will shoot lots of snapshots of family over the next couple of weeks but while they will certainly be cute, I sometimes wonder how many pictures do I really need of children opening presents and adults eating. 

So...while Butler will be irritated with me...I'm going to completely ignore the theme this week.  Apologies to all. 

Photographically, I've been devoting almost all my free time to processing (and deleting) 528 raw shots that I took last month when Karen and I excaped the daily grind and give ourselves a well-needed vacation in Costa Rica.  Mostly in the Southwest around San Isidro del General. 

I'll probably miss next weeks shoot entirely but with any luck I'll get back to the correct theme in 2014.  

I'm so glad to be back in touch with you all again...old friends and making some new ones.  Have a wonderful holiday season.  I love you all. 

Mark's FHTSO "Wrong Theme": Costa Rica

I was going to try and re-arrange these in some kind of order that made sense but, as usual, time is running away from random is the order.

Great two hour horseback ride to reach these falls

No...I didn't climb the falls, nor jump from them...
just cheered those that did.

From the tops of mountains, you look down on clouds...
Of course, driving up, the clouds become great foggy challenges on twisty roads.

Mother and baby sloth -- in the wild
but visible from the balcony of a restaurant.

These white capuchins come down to the beaches from the surrounding trees
and steal potato chips from sunbathing tourists.

Throughout the Southern part of Costa Rica there are handcarved Baruca Indian masks for sale.  But if you want to destroy your rental car on a 7 kilometer rutted dirt road straight up a mountain you can reach the town of Baruca, itself.  In a bit of pure luck there was a Baruca woman at the bottom of the road looking for a ride.  On the way up, I asked her who the best mask-carver in the village was.  She took us deep into the village and introduced us to Ishmael Gomez and his family -- at 95, he is the village carving teacher.  He and his family were the nicest people, just opened up their home to us for a wonderful two or three hours.

Ishamel at work

Incredible clouds everywhere

View from Baruca

Town of San Isidro del General

Thanks, in advance for letting me sneak into the Friday Shoot with the wrong theme. 

Friday, December 13, 2013

FHTSO Lights

No time for much banter but I feel, once again, that old urge to at least attempt participation.  Being welcomed back after such an absence felt so good.  We all really get attached to each other, don't we.

Anyhow, I'm throwing into the pot today a picture of our Christmas tree -- it was really more of an attempt to balance indoor and outdoor light in the same picture.  And four snapshots from the James Island Festival of lights -- every year we pile the kids into the truck and tour the County Park which has a huge display of lights. 



I know there has been some interest in the return of Bagman and Butler and you will be pleased to hear that because of my post last week, both of them have contacted me and expressed interest in returning. 

However, at the moment they are being detained.  Butler has taken a sabbatical from Chef School but is stuck in London.  Apparently all the flights are overbooked because of a major conference of International Stock Brokers.  He has decided to wait for the conference to end and spend his time researching the life and works of John Maynard Keynes.

Bagman somehow managed to get himself captured by a primitive tribe in New Guinea where the chief has forced him to become the Tribal Toy and turned him over to all the tribe's grandchildren who spend each day climbing on top of him.

With any luck they will be returning soon.

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Yes, thank you, Ginger, I'm still alive

I never thought I'd come back to this place again...except I know that whenever I say never, God is sure to overturn my obstinancy. 

But when Ginger emailed me and all the other Friday Hometown Shooters last was a reunion I could not refuse.  I am fortunate, in retirement, to be so busy with a life full of people and projects, that I can't say I will get back to the old blogging frequency and creativity.   I'm not even  sure these days where Bagman and Butler are.  I think Bagman is in Amsterdam and the last I heard Butler was attending a chef school in the South of France. 

But I am going to post a couple of pictures for tomorrow's shoot.  The theme is a problem for me.  Rush hour.  Since I no longer comute to work, I don't remember what rush hour is, let alone have any pictures of it.  

But I do have a couple of pictures of "rushing"....or experiencing a "rush" of adrenalin.  I guess these will have to do.


 Mostly I can't wait to see what all my other old friends come up has been along time, but the Blogspot Community is like family -- you can be gone for years and when you come back, it's just like you never left.