Friday, June 11, 2010

Friday Hometown Shootout -- Public Art

I think I beat this subject to death yesterday.  But Bagman and Butler have allowed me to post some miscellanous public monuement pictures providing I don't talk too much.

I had to put this one in for Barry, who suggested the topic.  I can't remember exactly where but am pretty sure it is in Ontario, Canada.

I've always liked the statue of liberty

 And I found this in 1979 in Madison, Wisconsin.  A fraternity from University of Wisconsin had set it up on the frozen lake.  I was actually one day too late because there had also be Liberty's Head to the right of it but another fraternity had set it on fire the night before.  You can see the pile of ashes on the right.

BAGMAN: "You said you weren't going to talk as much this time!"

Despite all the idiotic seperation of church and state bruhaha
we have in America -- A public memorial to God

Another memorial to God from Vatican City
where the separation of church and state is not an issue.

Brigham Young, searching for a place where his church
would not be destroyed by the state, discovers Salt Lake City

He was serious about it.

In Florence, Dante was rather serious too,
mapping out the circles of hell.

BUTLER: "You're jumping all over the place!  Isn't this the "Hometown" shootout?

BAGMAN: "Home is where I lay my head."

A slightly older public momument.

A slightly bolder public monument.


I thought you didn't want me to talk.

BAGMAN: "It's just an expression."

This last one was actually pulled from a video-camera so the resolution is terrible.  But...

And the ones below might not qualify as Public Art...except they are were and they were public.  But they didn't survive the next high tide.

So with time pressing on, in the immortal words of that brilliant jack of all trades, Porky Pig, "Tha tha tha tha tha that's all, folks."

And if you want anymore and weren't here yesterday, just keep scrolling down to yesterday's pre-Friday Shoot.  

BUTLER:  "You do realize, Mark, that after saying "That's all," you kept writing.  You really should put "That's all" after it really is the end.  



  1. Wow - weeks of nothing much, followed by days on end of public art! Love it BMB!

  2. Wow, I thought yesterday was it, and that you simply posted early. But you have tons of great stuff here, including some very funny takes on statues. Great job!

    Too bad the sand sculptures are so temporary, isn't it?

  3. The bird photos are certainly my favorites. Wow.

  4. Hahaha I do enjoy your entry, love it! I also love statue of Liberty. It's my dream to visit that place, I feel I am not a complete naturalize American if I don't have a picture with Ms Liberty ^_^ Happy weekend! And thanks for the visit I do appreciate it.

    Public Art

  5. Terrific Mark. Inspired even!

    And the Canadian statues look like they're from the War Memorial in Ottawa. Not sure, though.

  6. You were all over the place with this Public Art Theme, and I must say the 'Talk' gave new meaning to the 'Bolder' take....maybe it should have been the End pic. The Liberty Hand was quite ingenious and to think a bunch of college kids with matches came up with that! Fun post and very 'Talk' informative.

  7. If I told you how many pictures I have of the Statue of Liberty you'd faint dead away. That was back before digital so no one except me sees this piece of my insanity.

    Love all these great shots. Great shoot-out except for all that gabbing going on in the background. Sheesh!

  8. It was 1976 when I climbed the Statue of liberty. memory is dim, do weclimb to the top of her head or the torch? All I remember was why am I doing it?

    That crocs I presume is a sand castle. i always think why people make such a beautiful thing knowing it will be gone the next time the water comes in?

    This reminds me of my late Father in law's funeral. They were a Chinese ritual, and they had a giant sand dragon with coins hidden in it. The monk performed all sorts of rituals of fire. At the end of it, the descendants went an had a wild digging with their hands for the money. I am Christain, I didn't part take.

  9. Mark, Barry is right on the money - that first photo is detail from the War Memorial in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. I have shots of it as well and recognize the detail. The butt and the birds are hilarious!

  10. My favorite shot is the one of the birds drinking from the dog statue, a good catch!

  11. I am speechless. fantastic post and I am impressed with all the images.

  12. This is my first time here, and I'm your latest follower. I definitely have to put you on my list to come see often. These pictures are phenomenal, and your comments make it even more interesting. I'm really glad I stopped by. Nice to meet you new friend. I went to St. Louis, MO and I saw many works of art such as these that really comes to life. Many I to take a double take. I wish you could've gotten that shot of the Liberty Head, and her head that would've been awesome, but the hand did suffice. Have a great weekend.

  13. The one that you say has terrible resolution is fantastic! I also like the birds on the man's head.
    And, of course, the sand sculptures are awesome!

  14. Hello , Mark. My first time here and what an exhibit! Dante is certinly intense,is he not? Wonder which circle he was thinking of? I grew up in Birmingham, AL, when is was a steel city. There is a huge public monument on Red Mountain (full of iron ore). It is Vulcan. He holds a torch in one and an a hammer in the other and is dressed only in a blacksmith's apron. Skip over to my pal Virgina's blog and get the view that all of Homewood (other side of the mountain) are greeted with each day! Love your post!

  15. I am sure there was a better way to do that...first time I have put a link in a comment. It does work...stay with it!

  16. I think my favorites are the sand art!

  17. For me, don't worry; you are allowed to talk as much as you wish!

  18. That Wisconsin lake pic is awesome. We have the most amazing sand art created on the Durban beach front here in SA every day...

  19. It's too late for me to laugh out loud but at least you made my day. I always admired when you write a post. great sense of humor! That's all.

    Btw, I like all the photos especially that of a couple of birds drinking water in the fountain shaped dog, errr dog shaped fountain, i mean. whatever. that's all.

  20. Isn't it fun pulling out all those old photos and negatives? I love your selections. My favorite: piegeons. Is that a set-up shot?

    I missed yesterday's post. There's more?

    I will be back to my scanning on Thursday.

  21. Yes, I spelled "Pigeons" wrong. Dang.

  22. I don't care how much you jump all over the place - it's always worth the trip! I like the older and bolder shots. Could be talking about you, huh?

  23. Love the birds drinking from the snout of the wolf.

    That is all.

  24. It's great that you included Stonehenge here--very appropriate given the topic, although I don't think many people view the structure that way.

  25. Stonehenge in a shoot your town? Well you said whereever you rest your head. I wish you would post more often. I miss you. I love the sand sculptures.

  26. Excellent group of pictures with equally entertaining dialogue! I esp. like the statue of liberty's hand because it's related to Madison, WI (not TOO far from Green Bay).

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