Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Noah upstages Bagman and Butler

I haven't posted for so long, I wasn't sure my key still fit in the lock of the workroom I share with Bagman and Butler.  But since Noah (Conner's brother and Grandson #2) was born yesterday, I thought I really needed to document it even if nobody was reading my blog any more. 

Oh yes.  I'm not sure why this seems to be the most important fact about babies but he weighed 8 pounds and 6 ounces.  Maybe birthweight is the most important fact about a newborn because unless you went to Medical School there isn't a lot more to say yet.  Blue eyes, male...that's about it.  After all, he hasn't loined a Little League team or chosen a career path yet. 

But I thought I'd post a few pictures, so I quietly unlocked the door and tried to tiptoe into the workroom.

Bagman is working on bumper stickers for the upcoming political elections.  The bumper stickers say: "Don't vote.  It only encourages them."    Butler is working complicated algoriothms for beating the stock market based on taking the square root of the price/earnings ratio, multiplying it by the number of advertisements in the Wall Street Journal and then applying a factor calculated by the number of women over 75 who have lost their life savings to Goldman Sacks.

The both look up at me in absolute shock! 

BAGMAN:  "What in the name of political horsepoop are you doing here?  Go away!  You abandonned us and we don't want you around any more!"

BUTLER:  He's only be gone a couple of weeks.

BAGMAN:  "But he stopped blogging!!!  I can't forgive him for that!  Without blogging, I no longer exist!"

BUTLER:  "Just because he stopped blogging doesn't mean he can't blog!"

Bagman and I just stare at Butler.  It isn't logical, but it doesn make a kind of sense.  We all shrug it off and I sit down, blow the dust of the computer and post some pictures since this isn't about us -- it's about Noah.

Happy Expectant Parents - BEFORE

Somewhat unfocused, the nervous father
goes to suit up.

Where am I?  Who turned on the lights?

Checking to see if he is ticklish.

Adding some air to make sure he is properly inflated.

Noah's first few of the world beyond the nursery

Okay!  I've had enough for one day! 

Happy parents - AFTER
(Brian appears sleep-deprived already)

Time to call it a day.

Okay - Now I need to get back to work.  But first I'll check in on a few of my favorite bloggers.

BAGMAN:  "Why bother, you twit!  You've already missed 6,785 wonderful creative blogs over the last few weeks!

BUTLER:  "6,785!  Great!  I was looking for the final factor for figuring out good investment possibilities." (He furiously crunches numbers).  "Aha!  BP!  That's the stock to invest in!"


  1. Thank goodness I came by. It it wasn't for Butler I would know what to invest in. Seriously, congrats on the new grandson. Don't stay away so long next time. This old lady needs to laugh and I used to depend on B&B for that. I have time to visit now. Got the wedding over with and trying to rest up. I love the baby's name. Strong name for 8 lbs. plus. blessings

  2. Congratulations to the funniest GRAND~pa around!
    What a great thing to dust off the keys for! Blessings to you all!

  3. I have been busy as well and not reading as many blogs as I used to. I miss my virtual friends posts, but glad you are back and that I didn't miss yours. You are smitten I can tell and was that 'loined' typo Freudian?

  4. Nobody reading the Chronicles?? Hahahahaha.
    Noah is very cute. And enormous.
    Congrats to the whole family!

  5. What a beautiful baby! No wonder you had to re-appear: who could keep this from the rest of the world?

  6. Congrats to you and your entire family! A sweet blessing! It's good to read your words!

  7. Congratulations on the new and lovely addition to your family! Glad you shared these precious photos--Thank you!

  8. Congrats to the happy grandfather ... oh and the parents, of course. He is a cutie!

  9. 'don't vote it only encourages them' I love it ask Bagman to send me one of those bumper stickers....
    Noah looks just like Brian. excactly!
    congradulations grandparenthood X 2 is double the fun.

  10. That is one beautiful boy! Inflated perfectly!
    I'm thinking you need to sell those bumper stickers! I'd buy one!

  11. From blogger named lakeviewer I ended up here. I like your poem very much in the previous post. You are a poet!! I write poetry too, and also have an autobiographical novel coming out late summer. I live not far from you, in Harrisonburg, Virginia, 24/7 caregiver of a disabled daughter. I've been blogging for just a few months. It's a lot of fun, but can if one isn't careful preclude writing. But I AM doing that too!

    I'm glad I found you. You have a very lively writing style. I'll follow, so that means you'll have to blog. Sounds like you haven't been keeping that up!

    And the baby, BTW, is as all babies are, awesome.

  12. Oh, my goodness. What a lovely surprise! Congrats to the happy parents and the equally happy grandparents!

  13. Until my next grandchild arrives, can I share yours? I want one just like that, perfectly inflated, of course. My grandfather was Noah Jessie, so he's perfectly named, too.
    Congratulations to the whole family!