Friday, June 1, 2012

Friday Hometown Shootout -- Rule of Space

11.2 Kilometers per second or 34 times the speed of sound!  How to achieve escape velocity in order to get my camera into space...

BUTLER: "Not that kind of space!  Didn't you read the tutorial?!"

Actually, I did read the tutorial and it made perfect sense.  In fact, I've known about the Rule of Space for a long time.  

BAGMAN:  "So what's the problem?"

The problem is that  since this is another week when most of my photography was limited to picture taking of kids in bathtubs and stuff like that.  So today turned into another archive search and...

...I discovered that I have amazingly few pictures that illustrate the Rule of Space.   Hardly any, in fact.  I have thousands of pictures on my computer (all of which now get backed up automatically all the time) but I could only find 4 that seemed to fit the theme.

And some of them -- like the one above -- I had to re-crop!  Although re-cropping made it a better picture.  Not a great picture - but better than it was before.  

And I recropped this one as well although not so much.

The Fan, 1979

The Fan was taken in 1979...back when I actually practiced, occasionally, the rule of space.  I hate it when I browse through my archive and come to the conclusion that I used to be a better photographer than I am now.  

This last one is reasonably recent (April) -- and it does help a little because it reminds me that the Rule of Space doesn't need to be overdone.   Sometimes you just need a little space. 

BUTLER: "Yes. You can combine the Rule of Space with the Rule of Thirds!  You probably missed lots of good examples when we went through your archive yesterday.  Let's go through your archive again and see if we can find more. 

"Sorry, guys," I reply.  "But Kay is waking up and I need to practive the Rule of the Diaper."


  1. The Fan is a VERY good one :)
    I love the shadows on the beach too.

  2. For what it is worth The Fan is perfect. Who am I to know? But thanks to you guys I am getting 'In the know.' I like the beach too. I am so proud I know a grandad such as you. Great job in both arenas.

  3. I'd like to know what Conner (is that spelled correctly?) is saying to Noah here (or are they the other way round?), it looks like quite the friendly conversation.

  4. I am not going to pat you on the back for you achive finds, you know they are good.... but I am going to (metaphorically of course) kick you in the buttuty (is that spelled right? is it even a word) for saying you are not as good as you used to be.... you are just distracted and don't spend the time you used to on it. So if you want to get your talent back up to speed get out and do the distance....
    you hearing me?

    1. when I wrote this I thought it clever - today it seems sort of snotty. I really am a big fan. so delete if you want and I'll start over.

  5. These are good! The Fan is an awesome photo. And the sunset with birds is really, really good too :)

  6. I think these are all great!

  7. Love The Fan photo. But the last photo is adorable.

  8. I'm a fan of the fan shot. But the photo of the kids gets points for cuteness :)

  9. I like that fan shot very much, hope that get chosen as our highlight photo this week!

  10. I like the fan photo too, but I still like the first one best. I love silhouttes and dogs and shadows and the beach so it works for me.

  11. All perfect for the theme but I love the fan best of all.

    Suzy,Photos are fun-Space

  12. I agree, The Fan is a great shot. I also like the last shot of the grands and the reminder that sometimes you just need a little space.

  13. I am rich, I want to watch the game all by myself, so I bought all the tickets. Nice one.

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