Thursday, June 21, 2012

Infrequent Posts Ahead

But in the words of General Douglas McArthur, "I shall return!"

At the last minute before we gave up on selling the house and taking it off the market, we sold it...assuming the few repairs on my todo list satisfy the home inspector and the bank appraisal satisfies the probable new owners. 

Which means we will be moving into Karen's dream house, closer to her job and closer to the grandkids.

I'm not sure why this house doesn't have indoor plumbing
and requires a Porta-Potty but...

And it's not really yellow...that's just the undercoating or is suppose to be slate gray although I think slate gray will clash with the green of the outdoor toilet.

And the real question is whether it will be complete by July 30th when our current house closes.  Otherwise we will be living in a temporary storage unit with our furniture. 

Anyhow, I don't expect to post much...some but not much...between now and August.  Packing, moving, blah blah blah...activities slowed considerably by grandchildren crawling into boxes.

And this morning...yuck yuck...I have to fight claustrophobia and spend a few hours in the crawl space under our house repairing insulation that animals have chewed.  The house inspector found it and the new owners want it fixed and yours truly is the cheapest labor available.

Wait a minute.  Crawl space?  Chewing animals?  Should I take a gun as well as a flash light and a supply of anti-anxiety medication?  

BAGMAN: "Take a camera!  There might be some snakes or interesting spiders!"

I hate the crawl space.  I also need to repair a ceiling fan.  I hate ceiling fans. 

Speaking of ceiling fans, Karen and I are extremely frugal.  (Well, maybe not me so much).  But through her amazing ability to negotiate, we managed to get a very very good price on the new house although it comes with very few frills.  I watched her negotiating and remember it well.

"How much if don't put in any ceiling fans?"  She smiles over at me and says, "You can do that yourself, can't you, honey?"

I start to remind her that one of the reasons she wanted a new house was that it would mean less work.  But I decide that silence is the better part of valor.

So I will get to install four ceiling fans.  I hate ceiling fans.  At least the new house is built on a slab so there is no crawl space. 

And no garage door openers...another savings...that 'honey' can do.   I'm not sure but I'm still trying to draw a line at installing the sprinkler system.  

In any case, I will be blogging infrequently, sweating excessively, swearing loudly and if you need me I'll be hiding in the Porta-Potty. 


  1. I have a few ceiling fans...mine work very well because I ahd nothing to do with the installation!

  2. Oh... it looks lovely with the yellow! Why change it to slate grey? Will be interesting to teach your grandkids to use the portapotty :-)
    And I agree with Bagman. Take a camera when you crawl underneath the house!

  3. Congrats! Be careful in that crawl space of all those creepy crawlies. All the best in your new home!

  4. congrats, and I feel your pain.

  5. We have everything working fine here as we didn't do the installation. LOL

    I like the yellow and white. It looks cheery and old fashioned. Congratulations on selling the old house. Good luck being cheap labor.

  6. Well I wondered where you were last Friday until I read the FSO main page. Congrats on selling the house. You are going to deserve a long rest after you finish all the work. Will be here when you return 'Ike.'

  7. No ceiling fans fitted? No garage door openers? Getting into the crawl space? Rather you than me that's for sure.