Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Survived the crawl space

Infrequent posting does entail occasional posting and I did want to document that I survived 5 1/2 hours in the crawl space under our house repairing what the new buyers (appropriately) wanted fixed after their home inspector inspected it. 

This is just one example of my domestic spelunking.

Embarrassing but in my defense, I haven't ventured down there for years

I  still don't think I'd entertain guests here,
but I expect it to meet the inspection requirements

14 things I learned during my 5.5 subterranean hours:
  1. I have no more interest in exploring caves.
  2. Pushing insulation back up between boards while lying on your back means that bits of it fall on your face.
  3. Insulation may look like yellow cotton candy but it does not taste as good.
  4. I really should have been more serious about losing weight because squeezing my belly under ducts was...well...tight.
  5. If it is 98 degrees outside, it is about five degrees cooler under the house.
  6. 93 degrees is still hot.
  7. Copious sweat combined with dirt from the floor, pieces of  insulation, and various unidentifiable but nauseating bits creates a kind of irritating goo.
  8. Sometimes (thankfully rarely) unidentifiable but nauseating bits move.
  9. When I am under the house and I scream in surprise at something moving on me, no-one hears except Daisy, who starts barking directly above me.
  10. After 4 hours, my standards of workmanship drop significantly.
  11. After 5 hours, I start saying, "The tear in this duct is not that bad and, besides, nobody will ever know."
  12. I don't care how much money we saved by not hiring a contractor to do it -- it wasn't worth it.
  13. It is possible while undressing, after surviving the ordeal, to be unable to tell for sure where your clothes end and your skin begins.
  14. It is also possible to stay in a shower so long that the hot water runs out.
Thank God that our new house is being built on a concrete slab.



  1. not mice I hope. they say here in New Zealand, in winter, all the rodents come insie the house and sleep in the baement. We experience once when we went on hokiday. Your daisy is good in catching them?

    People used to feed the ducks/geese so much that the water fouls up. The will follow u a mile when they see you with a loaf of bread. The geese can be very fierce.

  2. Hi Mark and all FSO friends, I am on a month holiday in Singapore and Borneo. I may not be able to post and visit you as much. Ann

  3. Ugh! I hope you get all the respect you deserve for having done this, Mark!

  4. A job well done and money saved, that must give you some satisfaction!
    Hey Mark, I don't seem to be reaching Rebecca with my FSO Spotlight problem. The link she sent me isn't working. It says "Invitation no longer valid. The invite link you tried has already been used. Please ask the Blog administrator to send you another invite." I've posted the Spotlight photos on my blog but no-one will be looking there for them. Can you help? Please email me (paulinenz@hotmail.com) if you have any suggestions.

  5. Well congrats to your Mark for all your hard work. I was wondering where the spotlight was. I am scheduled to do it next week. Hope my link works. I bet you won't be wanting to move again for awhile.

  6. My hat is off to you, Sir. I no longer do crawl space crawling. The last guy (Terminix) who went under there said I had an infestation of camel crickets. He came out and showed me cell phone pictures. I asked him, "were they called camel crickets because they had humps on their backs?", and he said, "no..it was because they could jump as high as a camel's hump".

    Good job!

  7. i hate those big palmetto cockroaches where you live. Hope you did not get them in the crawl space. Yes, I would have hired someone to do it. I am a big coward. Looks like really good work though.

  8. That is when you dig into your pockets and hire some unemployed miners.

    I have not been to anyone's blog in over a month. Been enjoying travel and picture taking. Off to shoot an ancient carnival tomorrow and then to D.C for a few days. I have never shot the 4th fireworks, and since I hope to be living far away from Maryland and D.C next year (if we get lucky and sell our house), I figured now is the time to photograph some awesome fireworks. I may be a firework, myself. Heat index is going to be around 105.

    Happy packing and Happy 4th of July!

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