Friday, December 21, 2012

FMHTSO - Rainy stuff

Having just dropped the kids off after several uninterrupted days of rolling around on the floor, getting jumped on, hugging, building with legos and spending zero time on the computer, I dash into the B&B Studio for the Friday Shootout Blog.  And Friday is already half over.

"So what have you guys come up with?" I ask Butler and Bagman who are lounging around looking fairly bored.

BAGMAN: "Diddly Squat."
BUTLER: "He means that we don't really have anything."

"I know what 'diddly squat' means," I reply.  "But surely out of thousands of photographs, we must have a couple of rainy pictures."

BAGMAN: "OK, Almost diddly squat."

BUTLER:  "In Mark's defense, he is appropriately careful not to get his camera wet."

BAGMAN (rolling his eyes): "Or let sand or dirt get in it, or let it get too hot or too cold.  He treats it like a baby!"

"Except I put the baby in the bathtub regularly and she loves getting wet," I protest.  "And we did find this one..."

BAGMAN: "Our hero!  Fearless photographer.  Shooting from inside a car."
"The camera is a delicate thing!"  I argue. 
BAGMAN:  "Barclay took his Nikon all over Africa in all kinds of weather and mud and hippo filled rivers and..."
"And it came back filled with sand and mud and dents and scratches," I protest.
BUTLER:  "And he got some incredible pictures while you were mostly shooting pieces of furniture and shadows on the livingroom wall..."
BAGMAN:  "Maybe you should just frame the camera itself and hang it on the wall."
I decide that maybe the boys have a point and maybe I need to get out more.  But first I try to squeeze in one more picture.

BUTLER: "Not too bad, but you realize that lightening is not actually rain."
BAGMAN:  "Besides you took it from safely inside your back porch."
"But I had the door open," I whine.
BAGMAN: "National Geographic would be proud."


  1. I love this post and the photos are great. I think I need to get out more too.

  2. I like what you've done here. Hopefully, you weren't the driver when these photos were taken ;-)

    Merry Christmas!

  3. Well actually the theme did say "signs of rain" so I think the lightening counts. I am the spotlighter this week. Of course I know technically nothing about photography but I know what I like. Glad you got to make FSO.

  4. That lighting photo, Wow!!!! unless you photoshopped it. How did you do it? Lightning is always part of rain.

  5. Nought wrong with shots of furniture and shadows on living room walls! Butler and Bagman should KNOW that there are many adventures to be had for an imaginative, creative mind without having to leave one's house. Ever!

  6. I am pretty sure that the topic is 'things associated with rainy days' Buttle is loosing his detail edge. Lightening sure counts in association with. my excuse is that my archives are still packed.... course that's a lie. Am in Houston now - so maybe soon will get out the archives or the camera.

  7. I visited your blog and MurMurrs to attempt a comment for the sake of Tabor at One Day At A Time. I am so glad I came and found both blogs. Love this post!

  8. Attempting a login from Bing instead of the browser Firefox. (ignore this comment)

  9. Well Bing I need to transfer my bookmarks to this,I guess.

  10. that's the most gorgeous picture of lighting, and the most difficult to!

  11. I think the lightning shot is perfect. We had a storm like that on Christmas Eve and I wasn't taking any photos of it! Satisfied myself by taking photos the next morning of the tree that suffered a direct hit not 200 yards from where I was standing. In future I will make sure I'm more like you and be safely inside.

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