Saturday, December 29, 2012

Whirlwind - why I'll never catch up

A wonderful whirlwind with
sugar and toy-jazzed grandkids
wrapping paper and toys everywhere
trampled chocolate and gum in the carpets

To do list growing to two pages
single spaced
10 point charactors
Enough to fill 2013
which isn't even here yet.
Only 361 days until next Christmas

Just remembered
Exchange Karen's sweater for smaller size
Repair engine on Conner's train set
Repair net on the basketball goal
To do list growing to three pages
or just reduce the type
to 9 points

If I make the typesize small enough
I won't be able to read it and maybe
it will go away.

Missed the Friday Shootout
and I had a good blog planned too...
Pictures still in camera.
Maybe I'll do a belated blog.
Add it to the To Do list.


BUTLER:  "You know, if you stopped wasting time making a To Do list and just did each task as it came along instead of adding it to a list..."

BAGMAN:  "Forget the tasks.  Just look at the faces on Conner, Noah, and Kay..."


Karen's car pulls into the driveway
I can see it from my window.
Door slams downstairs
Feet running down the hall and up the stairs
"Diggy!  Diggy!  Diggy!  Diggy!"

No time to edit, just
push the publish key,
turn off the computer and lock it
(some things need protection)
from the whirlwind,
Jimi Hendrix song in my mind:
"The wind cries Diggy."

Beat the footsteps to the second floor hallway,
drop to my knees, open my arms
and let the whirlwind
blow me, smiling, up.


  1. I'm seriously thinking of following Butler's advice...

  2. Sounds typical to me. I think when this ends...and it may at least slow will feel just a little lost.

  3. So sweet! (And why bother with lists -- you'll forget where you put it.)

  4. Good morning as I prepare to face my to-do list and drop to my knee with my arms wide. Come on, I can take it!

  5. Enjoy, enjoy! We aren't going anywhere.

  6. Shoot, I don't even blog anymore..just too busy. But I did stop by to "catch up"!

  7. a little lump formed in my throat. I love Bagman. you left of the little sniff we take just under the ear - God I love that smell and miss the all body hug only the little ones can give.

  8. need to take out my camera - it is time.

  9. I don't hear the Diggy, yet. I can go to youtube and hear Jimmy's version, think I will.

    Need to post a poem or two, and stop complaining as I do. Venting is a better word.

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