Friday, May 7, 2010

Friday Photo Shoot - Things I like to Touch

Much as I tried, I couldn't be discourteous enough to not post when the topic was originally chosen by me.  When Ginger mentioned it earlier in the week, I truly did not remember suggesting it.  She probably thought I'd lost my mind.  She might be right.

Of course, "things I like to touch" came from Bagman.  And I'm pretty sure what he had in mind and it probably would have caused him to be banned from Blogspot forever.  Fortunately, it's been so long that he's given up and I can't even remember suggesting it.  And, unfortunately, it was a huge challenge to come up with something. 

The challenge was finding the willingness to be brutally honest with myself and show my bloggy friends the hard truth...

BAGMAN:  "AAArgh!! No! I can't stand it!   I don't even know you any more!!"

BUTLER:  "Well, it does have a bit of a flare in a nice, cyberistic sort of way."

BAGMAN:  "If this is your favorite thing to touch, I'm in the wrong body!"

Well, of course there is also this:

BAGMAN: "Have you turned into a robot?!!  Have you sold your soul to Bill Gates!!"

BUTLER:  "It could be worse, you know.  Bill Gates is a bit of a philanthropist.  He given so much money away that he's no longer the richest man in the world."

BAGMAN:  "That's not the point!  Mark 's gone all mental on us.  What happened to smelling the roses then rolling in them?  He's addicted to thinking!"

Well, I do like touching the soft fur of Diamond Bill...

BAGMAN:  "A little better..."
And Karen's's a bit longer now.

BAGMAN:  "Better..."

And, I like touching myself.


I'm sorry to disappoint Bagman but this is embarassing enough.  I've got a couple of things I discovered as a little kid -- kind of touch illusions.   For instance:

If you get your fingers aligned perfectly straight across on both hands and tap them together, it almost feels like they are not separate fingers, or like there is a rular between them.

BAGMAN:  "It just gets worse and worse!!  Senility must have set in!"

And if you put your palms perfectly flat against each other and rub them back and forth, it also feels kind of weird.

BAGMAN:  "Because it IS kind of weird!"

And this is more of an optical illusion than a touch one, but if you hold your fingers like this in front of your eyes and let your eyes focus on the horizon -- the reverse of crossing them -- it will look like a little hot dog appears between the gap.  

There is the crashing sound of a door .   "Where'd Bagman go?"

BUTLER: "What do you think?  He gave up on you.  Although I thought the last one was a bit interesting."

Oh yes, doors. 
I like touching door knobs because they open doors
and doors always lead from one place
to another.

And I like the feel of G-forces just before
the rear-end starts to fishtail

And the heat of a car engine

And cool water in a pool.

And, of course, touching skin is always the best,  but I'd get in huge amounts of trouble if I posted a picture of my lovely wife...

BUTLER: "And you'd get in even more trouble if you posted a picture of any one else!"


  1. Well my dear blogger you survived this post and made me laugh and there was nothing x-rated. Congratulations on a post well-done!

  2. Aggrrhhh, I hoped your own topic would draw you out of your cave! I'm convinced female hands must be different from male hands, I've felt quite foolish sitting her doing her hand tricks and none of them worked on me. Maybe I'm weird? (Don't answer that!)
    I did so enjoy your post, do hope you can take part again soon.

  3. Maybe you're right, Pauline, because all of those hand tricks worked for me and were quite interesting.

    Did you hear that Bagman, they were interesting!

    Great blog Mark.

    Since Mr. Linky is being mean and not letting me on today, here's the link to my FSO post--

  4. Oh Mark you did a great post, especially since you don't remember what you originally had in mind. This is a great topic though, some very interesting takes on it, this week. I liked it.

  5. Giggle, snort...I loved this hon..wonderful post..again blowing coffee out my owe me another keyboard..whahaha.
    Ya I was doing the writing on my post..I was keenly aware of how sensual the post could be if I wasn't careful..LOL..glad you guys just put it right out there!!
    I loved your shots..every one! My hubby will not allow me to post pics of him...I convinced him to let me do the one in the hummmer with full head gear and goggles on...ackkkk!
    I really enjoyed this weeks subject..despite the fact that you forgot...Namaste, Sarah

  6. This was great! All the things you love to touch are fun and funny. Of course I had to try the finger thing ~ it worked!

    My husband doesn't even like me to mention he exists. At least you can say your wife's name!

  7. Ditto what Pauline said. I stopped to do all the tricks and none of them worked for me. I felt quite silly as my fingertips would not align.

    I also love the feel of gripping the sterring wheel as I drive like I'm racing out of hell.

    Great post.

  8. of all our senses touch is the most sensual. wheter it is kneading bread dough like I like or petting the dog to running you fingers through someones hair - the feelings of touch are all sensual.... so what is wrong with that?
    sexual and sensual are two totally different things and should not be confused. *within mathmatical sets and subsets*

  9. drat I forgot to sign out again.... that comment is from GingerV

  10. Ginger just left an intelligent comment so I feel stupid saying that I've been sitting here trying to get the horizon hot dog thing to work.

    Oh well, it is good to see you back and in fine form!

  11. I want to touch that camera !!!

  12. heheheheh,

    You mentioned about Karen's hair.

    Did anyone say they want to touch your head? When my Sam was young, we shaved his hair bald 3 times, everyone touch his head.

    BTW, in school, I refuse to touch my kids' hair. i tell them, NITS.

  13. How hard could this have been for me? I pick a camera and a cat, so I am posting using Mark's camera and cat. There, I'm baak!

    Great post, you funny, silly, wonderful man. What would a Friday shootout be without you?

  14. It almost became a touchy subject!

    (The finger tricks did not work for me, I will try again later.)