Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Walking Annabelle - not as much fun as it looks

Oh boy!  I get to walk Annabelle!!

Sometimes it isn't until after you look at photographs that you realize something was going on that you didn't see while you were shooting them.

We were out in the back yard with Conner who always wants to hold the leash when I'm walking the dogs.  Actually, we didn't have them on the leash that day but were just cavorting in the yard, and Conner gets the leash.  So I figure he'll have a ball walking Annabelle (the mop dog) and maybe I'll get some pictures of the fun.  So I'm shooting away and engrossed in my own frustrations of trying to get a well-composed shot and trying to remember how to use the camera that I've been ignoring for too long. 

I'm just assuming that Conner is having a ball until he suddenly lies down and starts crying.  It is a short-lived little frustration for him but it isn't until afterwards when I'm looking at the pictures that I realize from the beginning, he is not just running around with the dog but really intent on doing a good job.  Seeing his face in the stills, there is so much responsibility and intensity...and struggle between man and beast.  Or boy and small animal. 

Wait a minute!  Why are you going that way?

Stop.  Come back!

Okay!! Hooray!!  We're doing it now!

Wait!  What's going on?!!

She's making me dizzy! 

Okay, Annabelle.  I'm only going to say this once...
you need to go where I want you to go.

That's better.   I've got it now.

Whoa!  Why is the leash going one way...
and Annabelle is going the other? 

Oh.  Tree.

This should do it...

Hey!  Stop!  Come back!

I can't take it anymore!!!

Now she comes back!
And it's hard to keep crying when Diggy is standing over me
with the camera...but I'll pretend I'm sulking a lttle. 

And then I picked him up and he was happy.  And I let Annabelle off the leash and she was happy.  But there are no pictures of that because I had put the camera down. 


  1. That would make a good cartoon strip! I have the same experience walking my golden retriever (except I watch where I'm laying down before I have my cry.
    Glad you haven't *really* stopped blogging.

  2. This is adorable. And probably very embarrassing to Conner when he's older. Maybe for the wedding reception videos. . .

  3. Ha! it looks so easy when a person many times the size of the dog is in control. He'll be walking her and not the other way around in no time.

  4. this is just too good. I knew you could find great photos with those grandkids around. Conor is getting SO big. wearing all those big boy cloths he is really handsome, tell I said so.

  5. I just loved this dog walk. Got to be one of my best!

  6. really sweet story and you are a good story teller, love all the pics especailly the last two