Friday, January 17, 2014

Shootout - Rustic

I had planned to take on this one with a little more thought and time - but


Just a few picture to proove I'm still around.


  1. Hey, Mark, niceta seeya blogging. Might even inspire me to participate next week...

  2. The gravestones are very atmospheric, great captures!

  3. Each photo is so different from the other and yet all convey a sense of time and a mood to match. I really like the second photo as it makes me feel the presence of the people that the items belonged to . The third photo is very upbeat and I can almost here people cheering or doing a thums up to Santa and the car as they drive by.

  4. I've only seen shots like that in the movies - the cemetery. The last photo made me smile and chuckle - very fun.

  5. However you interpret is okay with us just keep em coming. Always great to see your avatar show up. Love that last photo. Such fun.

  6. Good to see you show up my friend. I like the second. A still life to be proud of. Hope all is well, hugs. GingerV
    PS tomorrow i doing a ten mile walk again (3rd one) only tomorrow I'm taking the Aspirin before the walk.....

  7. That first picture is exactly my kind of place. I have always been fascinated by the idea of "life after people" and have a thing for neglected, forgotten places. Wish I could quietly creep around that old cemetery. Morbid, I know, but in a very calm way.

  8. I will avoid commenting on how not to be "still around" and more of a "still here."

  9. Love the car. Keep dropping by as I always enjoy your contribution.

  10. I'm always happy to see your electrons, Mark. Love the old graveyard, a smile inducing contrast to the very alive last shot.

  11. Love the tablescape - intentional or not, it looks very inviting.

  12. Eat more opossum? Definitely a southern ride.

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