Thursday, July 28, 2011

Friday Hometown Shootout - PINK

This will probably be quick, I think, walking into the B&B Studio.  The rules for this week's shoot excluded flowers.  Of course, we often don't follow rules much, but I really couldn't find a lot of pink things that weren't flowers.  Maybe I didn't try hard enough.   But when I open the door, my heart sinks when I see how excited Bagman is.  This is rarely a good sign.

BAGMAN, proudly sporting a T-Shirt that reads:  "I love PINK," and shouting: "I want to take the pictures!!!  Pink!! Pink!!  Show me the pink!!"

I'm a bit lost but concerned because Bagman can be dangerously inappropriate at times.  I look over at Butler for an explanation.

BUTLER (whispering in my ear so that my readers can't hear and won't be offended):  "From what little research I did before I succumbed to disgust, the word 'pink' in some circles has gained a rather pornographic connotation.  It is sad but this delicate, innocent, colorful word has been usurped to refer to...well...I'd rather not say."

BAGMAN:  "Usurp!!   Usurp!!  Let's post pictures of me usurping pink!"

Understanding pours over me like a cold rain and I turn to Bagman authoritatively,  "Not a chance!"

BAGMAN (deflated but glaring): "You're turning into a $%&##ing old wimp!  I'll bet you don't even remember when we were twenty!"

"As seldom as possible,"  I reply, "And never when blogging.  This is a G-rated blog and it's going to stay that way.  Take your T-shirt and sit in the corner."

I don't have much but I sit down at the computer to post my blog.  It is slow going because I have to keep ducking various sex toys that Bagman is hurling at me. 

An unsold pink dress in a store that is victim to the economy

Pink Cadillac
(Well, not a Cadillac, and not really too pink either)
I told you that I didn't have much this week.

A mural over the Charleston City Market

BUTLER: "Excuse me for interrupting, but I don't see how this fits with the theme of pink."

"Look closely.  The apple is definitely not red."

BUTLER: "You really are grasping for straws in this shoot."

And finally:

BAGMAN (shouting from the corner while throwing another obscene artifact that I can't identify, fortunately): "YES!  Now you're getting it!  Pink the color of love!!"

BUTLER (Throwing back whatever it was that Bagman threw):  "Lizard Brain!"

Since that is all I have, I close the computer and make my escape from the studio.  Just before I close the door, I am slapped on the back of the head by a deflated inflatable sex doll.  Sometimes I don't know how I put up with these guys!


  1. Umm... I hate to be picky, but the Librarian in me insists on saying that the "apple" on the mural is most certainly not supposed to be an apple at all...

    Bagman was hurling sex toys at you? I bet there was at least one that was pink!

    The header made me grin :-D

  2. Yes, upon reflection, it is not an apple - peach? tomato? But it is pink?

  3. You did me proud with the header. I told you that is the first place I look any more. I also found it had to find pink. I ended up in back alleys looking for toys (not those kind) in folk's back yard, and that is the only place if found anything.

  4. I won't like the lizard to be thrown at me. when I was young, we called this 7 steps lizard. If it lands on you and bites you, you will die after taking 7 steps.

    I used to ask, what if I stood still.

    You should apply the pink lip stick. It suits you. heheheh

  5. First, I must say you do look smashing in pink lipstick. :))

    Bagman and Butler sure can get rambunctious, can't they?

  6. Love that lizard and those are luscious pink lips you're sporting. Great post.

  7. Fancy lips you have there, Mark ;) That first shot of the empty-ish store affected me for some reason, not that I'm a shopper - not my favorite thing to do. Liked your little reptile's pink chinny-chin gizard thingy the best, I think...well, besides your sporting lips.

  8. You would definitely find pink in this house--pink with sparkles and feathers (BAGMAN!-that's not what I meant). I wish I could take pictures like you do--I enjoy them very much. Nice lips! ;-)

  9. I love your pink lipstick, which brand did you use? lol

  10. Ouch, I didn't pay attention to the no flowers rule until I read this post... I like the lizard!

  11. Ok...clearly I didn't follow the rules..geesh am a little red faced here..sigh. As I posted the links..I should have read more closely. did..and I loved them...especially the lizard...he is so cool!!
    Hugs, Sarah

  12. my favorite is the lizard because i love lizards and next is the pink apple mural. cool on that. i also think your lipstick is cool but not really your color. LOL
    i just realized you live in Charleston, I was born and raised in Savannah, just across the river from you. are you native or moved to Charleston

  13. The first photo looks such a sad scene...
    but your lipstick cheered me immensely, such a saucy pout

  14. Such Pink lips oh my, You live in such a fun world. My favorite is the lizard.

  15. I like the car and the last two shots. and I agree with Gayla, your world is such a fun place!!