Friday, July 22, 2011

Friday shootout - Fresh

And I'm running fresh out of time. 

BAGMAN:  "How can you be out of time?!  You're retired?!'

I don't answer him.  But I was going to just skip this post this morning.  I'm also fresh out of ideas or at least any fresh ideas for my header change.   So those of you who really check out my FMSO header on Friday, you can back away from the computer screen.  There is no super-subtle change in the header. 

Hey!  Maybe not changing anything in something I always change IS fresh.

Anyhow (have you editors out there spotted how much I overuse 'anyhow' to start paragraphs?) I'm just going to post a couple of archive (i.e. un-fresh) pictures just so I don't disappear completely from this Friday tradition.

The winter before last we woke to fresh snow,
very rare in coastal South Carolina.
Conner got his first fresh look at a snowman.

A fresh dip in a pool on a hot day during
our trip a few weeks ago to Myrtle Beach.
Also a fresh (an very unbecoming) approach to portraiture.

Also from Myrtle Beach - Fresh bread thrown in the water
brings hungry creatures from above and below.

The new (fresh) experience of swimming for the first time.

A fresh new goose.

And's all folks!


  1. How the heck did you get that picture of the new, fresh goose? That's my favorite, this time.

  2. Like Heidi, I, too, say the fresh goose is my favourite. Although the fresh watery portrait is interesting, too.
    As for the header picture - when I saw that the topic of this Friday's shoot out was "Fresh", I thought you were going to replace your face with a slice of lemon or something.

  3. LOL, I always check out your header first. We not altering is new or fresh. Great photos. Love the first swim.

  4. I was really expecting you to come up with something about getting fresh. I like the fresh goose photo.

  5. Wow! That poor duck, if I were her I'd be gone pretty quick, the tables may turn for duck/fish relationship.

  6. A very reFreshing approach to the topic.

  7. Oh, yes, the fresh new goose is delightful. Also love your fresh approach to portraiture.

  8. watch out, that mummy and daddy geese is going to snap at you buttocks when you are bending over to snap your photo.

    Great job, and it is true, goose will snap at strangers. I kept or my parents kep[t them, better than dogs to watch the house.

  9. You didn't do bad at all with the theme, Mark, I like how you've shared :) The colorful buttons on the snowman really caught my eye....and my favorite of favorites is that precious little fluffy goose butt! so cute

  10. B&B.....Tis me Reggie Girl!! Long time no speak huh? Been a bit out of commision for a while. Long story.
    I love that you've kept that wry sense of humor that I so always loved.
    My fav shot is the new goose's butt!!

    I'll come back to visit your blog soon.
    Call me dude..........serisously :)

    Steady on,
    Reggie Girl

  11. The underwater picture is very cool - kind of like an abstract painting. :)

    that little goose (gosling) is adorable!

  12. Nice post for Friday's on to some poetry I see on here...

  13. Well that goose is cute but I like the fresh experience of swimming for the first time. Such a cute photo.

  14. Swimming would really make me fresh right now, it's so hot and humid here.

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  15. good choices for this theme Mark. and wouldn't "being retired" be new and fresh for you? love the last two shots of fresh.

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