Thursday, July 7, 2011

Missing from Shootout and Jam

Just a placeholder blog. 

Myrtle Beach is fun, lots of photos to go through and edit when I get home including one which had large and small in it that would fit in this weeks scavenger hunt but I can't download or edit RAW files on the I may do a delayed entry.   I brought a paper and pencil notebook to write poetry but have actually just been chasing kids and nappping and never opened it.

I don't usually do vacations really well but this is pretty good...excellent for grinchy me.  Also add to call it a vacation when I am no longer working. 

Bottom line is that I'm having a great time but looking forward to getting home and back into the routine.

And being able to change my header back to normal.


  1. Glad you are having a great time. Sorry you are missing in action. Will be waiting for your return.

  2. right now, I need a vaction too, but it is too cold, NZ standard.

  3. When it comes to vacations and travelling, I love it - but I also love my home very much, and it is always good to come back and comfortably settle into the familiar surroundings again.

  4. You? Grinchy? Unimaginable!

  5. Ah--I can relate to the vacation grinch. Glad you pushed past it! ;-) Hurry back.