Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Yard of the Month

One would think that someone who could afford a house like this
could also afford a lawn service...

I wonder if anyone is home.

And as Whatshisname used to say on the radio -- "Now for the rest of the story."   (What was his name?  I'm sure it will come to me in the middle of the night.)

I was going to save this for "Broken" which starts with "B" on Friday...

BUTLER:  "Broken starts with B on the other days of the week too, you know."

Yeah yeah, grammer grammer.  B is Friday's shootout theme.  And Barefoot Landing (which also starts with B)...

BUTLER:  "And L."

...was where we stayed in Myrtle Beach for our vacation.  From Route 17 it is a beautiful looking resort with shops and condos and pools...and several sub-divisions of beautiful large houses, but as we explored around the place where we stayed, we discovered a strange periphery.   There were acres of grown-over land with hundreds of numbered stakes marking plots for development.  

Clearly the original developers of Barefoot Landing had imaginations bigger than their pocketbooks and ran out of money at a certain point.  The house above and a few others like it on the edge of bankrupt geography became worthless. 

And, like Atlantis, the end appeared to have come pretty suddenly. 

I can imagine the day when the operator of this crane simply took his lunchpail and walked away. 


  1. Paul Harvey did "The rest of the story".

  2. What a fascinating place! The buildings are still too new for me, but I do have a thing for neglected, abandoned and overgrown places... I'd find plenty to explore there, I guess. But I am sorry for the people who had to give up their dream (which I am sure it was, building like that) when the economic crisis hit them.

  3. So sad this waste of resources and the loss of jobs.