Thursday, September 8, 2011

Friday Shootout - Grandparents and Patriots Day

This is pretty much a placeholder.   My sense of humor seems to have misplaced itself these last couple of days.  Hey - it happens sometimes.  But I'm sure it will return.  It always does. 

Kind of a shame because Bagman and Butler could have had a field day with Grandparents Day but, alas, I only have the energy level to post a couple of pictures in order to stay in the game.


Conner and Noah waiting for their sister, Kay
to come home from the hospital

Probably not as much as Kay is waiting to come home.
She probably has another 5-6 weeks in prenatal care unit.


The U.S.S. Yorktown at Patriot's Point
shot from top of Ravenell Bridge

This has nothing to do with today's theme
but I shot it while I was on the bridge
so here it is.

I just got a text message from my sense of humor saying it promises to be back in time for next Friday's shoot.


  1. Awww. All your grandchildren are beautiful. Hope your funny finds its way back to you soon. :)

  2. I will have to put an APB out for your sense of humor.

  3. My sense of humor takes a vacation for me too. Something ridiculous will happen and PRESTO, it will be back. You've got a lot on your mind. My prayers are with your little granddaughter--hope she gets to come home soon.

  4. What? No Friday shootout? Did you forget it was Friday? I guess I have to put an APB out for you!