Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Sore muscles and Pelicans

Still working on helping the kids move out.  I doubt we will have empty house syndrome too badly since the grandchildren will be staying with us on weekends.  I'm getting good exercise hefting my end of sofas, bureaus, tables.  

And did manage to grab some time this afternoon to post a couple more pictures from Hadrell's Point.  When I went out there last week I used my compass -- yes, I actually carry a compass in my camera bag so I can figure out where the sun rises and sets and whether it might be worth an early morning or late afternoon return some day -- and Hadrell's Point is probably a good one.  In yesterday's ship shot, the dock itself was empty but there are often shrimp boats unloading there.  I figure if I pay attention I might get a sunset behind shrimp boats.

Patience.  In the meantime, a couple of quick shoot from the hip shots of pelicans in the air:


  1. So THAT is my problem. I keep shooting from the hip! I promise myself that I will work on learning what happens with changing F-stops...but ISO was so much easier to learn. Now I should carry a compass? What about a sunrise/sunset calculator? Why do these pelicans look more graceful in the air?

  2. Wow! Anyone can take photos of pelicans serenely resting on a pier, but not everyone can get really good shots of birds in flight!

  3. Hell I didn't even know these birds could fly!

  4. Ooh, I love a pelican. I'm back at my blog again---whew, that was too long.