Sunday, November 6, 2011

Blah...Gone for awhile...but, of course, will be back sometime

I hate moving.  Even before it starts since we haven't looked at new houses nor put ours on the market yet.  But putting it on the market is a pain.  Because it has to be "shown."   It ceases to be a place where we live and becomes a showplace.  I thought I was seeing light at the end of the painting/fixing tunnel until we had the realtor over  -- he went around making suggestions for how it would "show" better.

He was right, of course.  I've got enough marketing background in my past employments to know he was right.   We need to declutter it and to open up the rooms.   Which means we need a storage facility to put furniture and boxes of knickknacks, books, and crap. 

And the new deadline is next week. 

So I doubt you will be hearing from me much before Mid-November.   Be thankful.  Most of the time these days, all I do is swear. 


  1. Thankful? Hardly! Impatient is more like it.
    Good luck on finding a good storage facility. Who knows - by having (an estimated) half of your stuff in store, you might even find out that you don't need it at all and are a lot happier in a de-cluttered home :-)

  2. Librarian has hit the nail on the head. Once it is out of sight you probably will realize you don't even need it. Wish I could get hubby to move just so we could declutter. Can't get up the oomph to do it. Looking forward to new stories and adventures from you and Karen.

  3. Moving is a pain and so is having a realtor coming and going with clients. You have to be on your best behavior.

  4. Never mind the beeps, I can hear you swearing from over here - And there's an echo, bouncing off the bare walls of your now de-cluttered and magnolia painted walls!

    Just imagine how wonderful it will be to get back to a space that can become your new sanctuary, where you can live sans souci, Sir, and not have to 'showcase'?!

    Sending you love and luck as you toil purposefully x