Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Because you asked...

1. What happened to the duck eggs?
2. How old are Bagman and Butler? 


The duck eggs had me worried for a bit.  After my April 30th post when I discovered the duck and her eggs, the mother duck had a midlife crisis.   I checked with increasing worry and frequency but she just left the eggs lying there and ran around the backyard galivanting with her drake who was living on the wild side with a stray goose.

The goose was having some kind of spat with this spouse who had flown off to the other side of the pond.   They would honk endlessly and loudly at each other, but neither one was going to budge.  The ducks became very emeshed in this domestic situation, the drake and the hen constantly following the goose around, trying to cheer him up. 

I should have taken pictures but instead I kept yelling at the hen, "Go take care of your eggs!  What kind of a mother are you anyway!?"   Or maybe, dazzled by her drake's ability to befriend a goose, she forgot where she put them.  

But after 36 worrysome hours, the goose family made up and the hen decided to become responsible.

Hard to see if you don't know she's there


Ginger hit me with this question last week and it really took some thinking on my part because I had never really considered it. 

BAGMAN: "So that's why you never give us birthday presents!  We thought you were just cheap."

After considerable meditation on the question, I am pretty sure that in terms of pure chronology and calendars and stuff, that they were both born when I was -- June 13, 1946 -- although I wasn't aware of them at the time.  Who could blame me, I wasn't aware of anything except hunger and wet diapers at the time.   I began to be aware of them in my early teens although at that time, I had no use for Butler at all.  

However, a more accurate picture is painted when I think about different rates of maturing.  Sort of like figuring a dog's age in dog years instead of people years.  Butler has aged at a much fast rate than I have and Bagman at a slower rate.   So when I was 40, Bagman was around 18 and Butler was fifty something.  I was sure getting a lot of conflicting advice back then!

I have noticed recently, however, that their maturation process has been changing.  Butler is now maturing more slowly and Bagman is beginning to catch up to me.   Butler is becoming a bit more flexible and Bagman's trouble making stays within much more acceptible limits.   I suppose by the the time I reach 90, the three of us will all be the same age again.   

I strikes me that anyone who views this blog for the first time, won't have a clue what I'm talking about.  And finally, I should add that I don't think I'm actually schizophrenic. 


  1. Well if you are schizo you have found a most entertaining way to deal with it. Of all the places I have been in my life my favorite place is in Sane. I did not care for being in Cognito, no one knew me there. I am going to send you an email.

  2. Thank you for this very informative post!
    And I guess if you were all born on the same day, it shouldn't be too difficult for the three of you to simply share the birthday presents...

  3. I can't even figure out how old I am myself. I thought I had it figured out when my mind thought it was 25 and my body felt like 75 which averaged out to 50. But for years now my girlfriend keeps turning to me and yelling. "What are ya? 12?!". So I must be 12. I think.

  4. Well I guess I won't send an email. The address I had got kicked back. I wanted to tell you the rest of the smart a.. things that go with my first comment.

  5. Pleased to hear the ducks and geese have sorted themselves out. I'm sure you and B and B will do the same before you reach 90.

  6. maybe that is what maturing or growing up is all about.... getting all your ducks in a row.... no thats not right, ... getting your id, ego, and super-ego all into the same age group .... and by then we start forgetting where we left our eggs.... no, no that's we have started to forget our age and begin a regression back to the line-up at birth. now that I have read one page in wikipedia and know everthing about ids and egos I find this whole life process has great balanca - dont cha think.