Friday, May 18, 2012

Friday Hometown Shootout - Fences

Gates and fences --  Unfortunately, I spent most of my time this week playing around with a Picture that Tells a Story for an upcoming shootout.  I wasn't confused...I just had an idea that was too much fun not to play around with...

So I've probably shortchanged this week a bit.   Mostly older stuff as well.

1972 - Fish Drying on a Fence, Colombia

BUTLER: "That's not a's a rack for drying fish." 

2001 -- Vietnam Memorial Wall, DC

BUTLER:  "A wall is not a fence.   If you liked that picture yoyu should have used it when the theme was reflections."

"I'd forgotten about it until I ran across it today," I replied.

2008 - Fence of Men

BUTLER:  You don't actually have any fence pictures, do you?"

BAGMAN: "Give him a break!  I'll accept this as a fence since he has a poetic license."

"Okay!  I give up," I say, surrendering.  But I do have some pictures about some of Charleston's most famous gates and fences -- even if I don't have pictures of them."

Philip Simmons (1912-2009)

Philip Simmons became a world famous iron worker, constructing iron gates and fences throughout Charleston.  In 2010, I was riding around with a friend and colleague who used to live next door to Simmons and took me over to his workshop.  Later, when I uploaded pictures from my camera, I was disappointed with them...but here are a few. 

A cemetary gate in his back yard that he had been working on.
(It was later placed to mark a historic African American cemetary)

Herb in Philip Simmons workshop

Herb in front of a photograph of his friend
(Fantastic portrait photography - not mine)

And then I have a couple other shots....

1987 - Alcatraz

2009 - Hilton Head, SC

2009 - Charleston

That's it for this week -- it's 10:12 am -- and while I dislike using Facebook more and more, I'm still undecided whether to buy a bit of it's stock when it goes public at 11:00 a.m.  I do know that if I buy any, I'll sell it by the end of the day...on the other hand, I've developed a set of personal investing rules over my last year and a half of following the stock market and this would break about 75% of them.  

If I were smart, I'd build a quick fence between me and my computer.

BUTLER: "Yes.  Build the fence.  Don't be a sucker.  Follow your rules.  Don't touch it!"

BAGMAN:  "Zam!  Kapow!  Do it, baby!  No risk, no reward!  Put a little adrenalin in your life!"


  1. Whoa blogger probs. I lost my first comment. Love that last photo. The fence of men is most creative.

  2. Loved them all - especially first and last (everyone is a sucker for kids and dogs). I like the running commentary you guys always do! Didja get the Facebook?

  3. hope you didn't buy FB stock - its IPO price was way too high - wait 6 weeks or so then check the price....unsolisited advice but there it is for free.

    I think a fence covered with flowers is still a fence so one covered with dried fish must be also... liniar logic.
    the question is is a railing a fence, is a security wall a fence, what makes a fence a fence.... a rose by any other name is still a rose.... I think that is a famous quote so it must be true.

  4. Great portrait of Mr. Simmons! I must admit, I've never heard of him before, but then I am not very well versed in this type (or any type, actually) of iron work.
    Love the picture with the dog looking through the railing, erm, fence.

  5. Nice bunch of pics but I have to say I love the mournful looking dog with his nose through the wrought iron.

  6. Pop a dog in a picture and you'll get us every time, yep dog and fence was a favourite of mine as well...and the superb portraits, great idea and "great ideas is always whats needed".

  7. All of these photos are really interesting and worth a story in themselves. I must write that the one with the dog is my fave. It says it all.

  8. I love, love, love the last photo of the dog peeking through the fence! You saved the best for last :)

  9. No arguing with other commenters for me. Yep, it's the last shot. But wait, maybe I will disagree after all. Your 'fence of men', poetic license or not, is a fantastic shot. Can't wait to see your photo that tells a story, it will be a real masterpiece if you work on it for another five weeks.

  10. do they salt the fish first?

    The African american cemetary gate looks like my tennis club gate.

  11. I'd say nothing says "fence" more than the Alcatraz prison cell.

  12. Those last 2 fences are my favorites. Gotta love a dog waiting for its people.

  13. After all that talk about changing your header every week, I'm surprised I don't see a fence around your head. The last photo is classic. Who wouldn't fall in love with that image? I certainly did.

  14. Jarie Lyn's right: your last shot is absolutely wonderful.

    I like the look of your blog these days.

    What were you doing in Columbia in 1972? hmmm?

  15. lol, fun post...such a stickler about what a fence is! love the last one with the pup :)

  16. The Hilton Head picture....Is that Shelter Cove or Beaufort? Or neither?

  17. I really enjoyed this post. Fun extrapolation on the subject. :)

    (I sure hope you didn't buy FB stock...) ;)

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