Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Friday Shootout - BW/Sepia

Well, I didn't have time to shoot any new stuff this week but I thought it would be fun to experiment with B/W and sepia on some old shots -- look at what kind of subject matter leads itself to black and white. 

I thought it would be fun, at least, until I went into the studio and got attacked.

BAGMAN (blocking my computer so I can't get at it): "What the (bleep) are you doing here?!

BUTLER:  "Turncoat!"

Trying to figure out why the boys are angry at me, I stall for time.  "Turncoat?  What kind of a word is that?"

BUTLER:  "A perfectly good word that dates back to 1557 when people turned their coats inside out to hide their insignias or colors that market their allegience."

"Seems dumb to me," I reply. "Didn't anyone notice people with their coats turned inside out?  And why didn't they just wear a different coat?"

BAGMAN:  "Don't change the subject!"

"What is the subject?"

BUTLER:  "Bagman is just upset because you've been ignoring us to work on your novel..."

BAGMAN:  "Which you know (bleeping) well you ain't never gonna finish!"

BUTLER: "You might have a good idea for a plot but your charactor development leaves a little be desired."

"I invented you!"

BUTLER:  "My point exactly!  As charactors, we're flat.  You've never given us histories.  You always dress me in a tuxedo and Bagman in rags.  All we ever do is banter.   It's a pretty flat existence just sitting here in the studio waiting for you to arrive.  What do you think we do all the time you are away?"

"How should I know?" I ask.

BAGMAN:  "You never cared for us anyhow!  You just used us to be cute in your blog!  And now you are off playing with the cute little girl who talks to dead people on the Internet. Get out of here and leave us alone!"

BUTLER: "Let's give him a break, Baggie.  He'll get bored with this new project after a few weeks.  He always does.  Let him post his pictures."

By now, I'm not in the mood, but I load them onto the blog anyway. 

Taganga, Colombia, SA

I couldn't resist leaving a little color in this one

And this one - Windsor Castle, England

Charleston Navy Base

BAGMAN:  "You finished yet?"

"Sure.  Fine.  I'm leaving and you can go back to what you were doing."

BUTLER:  "Easy for you to say.  Since you created us -- (He uses his fingers to make sarcastic air quotes around the word 'created') -- we don't do much when you aren't around, now do we?"

"Okay.  Then I'm creating a library for you and you can be reading and learning more esoteric words to throw at me when I come back."

BAGMAN: "That's just bleeping wonderful for Butler.  What about me?"

"I'll add some magazines with pictures and centerfolds."

As I leave the studio, I almost catch a smile on Bagman's face.


  1. The Windsor Castle one is stunning! And I love the one with the lady by the river, or lake, or sea. Could be me (apart from the hair... and the boots...), so absorbed in what she is doing.

  2. Love these! There's just something about b&w and sepia -- the mood is immediately and strongly felt.

    Oh, and don't listen to B & B -- you just keep working on that novel. You'll get there.

  3. I love them all, especially Hibilly Ranch. In Boston, haha. These make me miss the old days in the darkroom, hrs in there on a good day, cranking out prints, with that smell. I even kind of miss that darkrom smell! Patheetic.

  4. I love Black and Whites! Everyone looks good in them! How's the baby doing? Hope to see pictures soon!

  5. You found some great older photos to play with!

  6. Your post made me smile ^_^ And I so love your photos especially with the twin towers. ^_^


  7. I like the COlumbia photo. And anything that still has the World Trade Towers in it gets free license!

  8. they are all really good, but Windsor wins my vote today. love it

  9. Well B&B tell Mark that I am one of those who have been away for awhile and not too excited to get back. What is going on here. I think I recognize the rumblings of a dissatisfaction going on. What is it with retirement. At first it is marvelous. You think you will just have all the time to whatever you darn please and all of a sudden it is not fun anymore. The discipline of being there and doing that is hard to over come. Hope you get that novel written. I share the desire to do one but no drive to just do it.

  10. I really enjoyed these. My favourites are ones with people in them. No, I can narrow it down to the first image! I can't imagine that one being as dramatic in colour!

  11. I agree with you, not many shots would make a great black and white or serpia, colours always make a better statement for photos. But you certainly did managed to find some great shots here.

  12. Keep on writing and do it for the dream. Don't get bored with your new found freedom, and never, ever volunteer. You'll never be bored if you volunteer, but you will end up working just as hard as you did before retirement, and without a paycheck. And if you stop volunteering, you will feel guilty, but no one will care because there is always another sucker waiting in line to take your place.

    Did I say that? Has nothing to do with your photos. Enjoyed them all, along with the amusing commentary. Can you guess which photo is my favorite? I'll bet you can.

    Oh, and we can always wager on who will finish their novel first. I have five bucks to spare, but since I have to spend more time editing than I do writing, I fear you would be enjoying a cup of coffee and a sausage biscuit at McDonald's on my five bucks, and we would never want that to happen, would we?

  13. good luck on the novel! great shots! like the city scape, castle, but ......... I think my fav is the first one.