Friday, October 30, 2009

Friday Shootout -- Parks

Okay, okay...sucked back in on a Friday.  I was really prepared to miss my first Friday shootout in awhile.  I didn't have any shots of parks anyhow.  Blah blah blah. 

Then, drinking coffee and getting ready for work, the insistant call kept singing like a Halloween ghost in my subconscious..."Oooooo.  Friday Shootout.  Ooooo.  Friday shootout."   

"But I have to go to work!" 

"Ooooo.  Shootout.   Do the shootout.  Ooooo."  

Haunted.  Cursed to perform, I called in late and dug up a couple.

This is the entrance to Sweatt Park in Wrentham, Massachusetts, where I grew up.   My grandfather, Joseph G. Cowell designed it and did the bas relief at the top of King Philip of the Wampanoags selling the land to the settlers for beads.  I've been meaning to do a three part blog on my grandfather and his artwork sometime at the end of fact, no matter what the theme is on the last Friday, I was planning on doing "Artwork" anyhow since I have lots of his work on slides.  And Bagman was going to write about his lusty side -- he was, after all, a Bohemian artist in Paris in the 1920's. 

What do you think, ladies?

Oh yes...this is about parks.  I think.  And whether it is or not, I'm getting later and later for work.  This Friday Shootout obsession is going to cost me my job one of these days. 


I guess this qualifies as a park.  The river was here long before Greenville.  When I discovered it on a morning walk before a long business meeting which had brought me to the upstate...people were feeding ducks and stuff.  So I guess it is a park.  

I could probably get through this rushed Friday obsession faster if I wasn't also addicted to digressions...But.  The shot above was one I took, copying an angle from a Greenville photographer whose work I saw in the Hyatt Regency where there meeting was taking place.  During a break, I walked into a lobby area and was stunned by the work of Ray Mosteller.  Although he is not one of our Friday ShooterOuters, his site is worth a look.  But the images are small (because he is selling them, duh) and you can't really see his incredible technique.  In the Hyatt the prints are huge -- maybe four feet by five feet.  He prints on canvas.  At first I thought they were super-realistic paintings.  Then I got mesmerized trying to see how he had photoshopped them.  Delicate, subdued, but incredibly toned.  He adjusts the tones in various parts of each photo so they absolutely glow.  I couldn't figure out all he does...but it is kind of magical.  End of digression.  And no, he didn't pay me for the advertisement.

Boone Hall Plantation, Mount Pleasant, SC

Boone Hall Plantation is right next door to the subdivision I live in.  Does a "plantation" qualify as a "park"?  There are gardens and a mansion, but these are the slave cabins.  

And these are the good ole boys re-enacting a battle from the War of Northern Aggression -- or as history books call it, the Civil War.  Boone Hall is close enough to my house so that the cannon blasts rattle my windows.  The South wins this battler, incidentally; the Battle of Secessionville.  Although the South eventually loses the war according to the history books.  I'm not sure everyone in Charleston believes that.  I should post some of the other shots I took during the re-enactment.

I should to a lot of things. 

But I should be fair -- Boone Hall is actually a very healing place.  They also have an annual family reunion that brings hundreds of people from all over who are related to the original families that lived there.  Heirs of both the plantation owners and the slave families come together and have formed lasting relationships..  It is kind of the opposite of the battle re-enactment. 

And you know...I really should go to work. 


  1. glad ya didn't skip it!! Wow wonderful shootout! Uhhmmm pretty cute!! What beautiful places..I so want to go!!!! Sarah

  2. A great trip as always, Mark. I'm glad you made time for us. Yeah, if there are ducks it must be a park. Gotta be.

  3. All such wonderful photos to share. So glad you called in late to take part. :)

  4. Thank you for posting these pictures and the stories that go with them. South Carolina is a beautiful state, rich in history. I love the river water pouring over the rocks and I also loved the story of the plantation owners and slave families getting together for a picnic. There is happiness in my heart. =D

  5. Don't worry about work Mark, just stay here and keep us entertained. Don't worry, Bagman will sort it all out for you.

    Any place they feed the ducks is certainly a Park.

  6. Jeez! I'm glad you didn't just go off to work without posting this! It's terrific, Mark! And your photos are fantastic!! What a wonderful and historic park, I would love to visit there. I had read somewhere, sometime ago about the families of plantation owners and slaves getting together and was fascinated then.

    Yeah, let the boys take care of the work details, you stick with blogging!

    Have a great weekend!


  7. Well, I have to admit that this is one of the most interesting posts you have done. I have been introduced to two new artists that intrigue me and leave me wanting more, your grandfather and Ray Mosteller. Headed that way right now.

  8. your Grandfather was a hunk!! we do get addicted to the Friday Shoot Outs....... glad you posted. very interesting and awesome shots! have a relaxing weekend!!

  9. Yea the granddad is a hotty. What happened? Guess he was young then. I am looking forward to some of his work. Did you even go to work? Get post.

  10. Now I see where you get your good looks from. Can't wait to see you future posts. For now, your present post always inform and entertain.

    I have been "really" busy, Mark. I will email soon.

  11. I think the ladies are smitten. I've been to Wrenthem, Ma and I fell in love with the quaint town. Your grandfather must have left his aura behind. :)

    I like all of your photos and I think the river flowing over the rocks is a gorgeous shot. I also like the slave cabins.

  12. No no --- stay home and entertain us. I've missed reading your blog while I was gone.

  13. Add my name to the smitten list.

  14. Oh. A bohemian artist in Paris during the 1920's? I'm in.

  15. So glad you didn't skip out on us this week. I think this is one of the best posts I've seen, maybe the best even. Love the water over the rocks shot and the slave cabins. You sure that's your grandfather? Looks like the wrong generation somehow. But he sure is a babe!!

  16. Lovely parks. I enjoyed reading your post. It made me smile especially your teenage photo.

  17. For a quick post before going to work...! :-)

    Yes, I found Ray M's copy of your photo (or vice versa?), no 1856. Photoshop may have made the diffeence! :-)

  18. What?! No Halloween photos? I had expected Bagman to do something for Halloween. A trick? A treat?

    Happy Halloween to my favorite boys.

  19. These are great!

    Butler, don't worry, I've changed back to human, and Bagman, I'll always be your girl. :)


  20. Your grand dad???? Very very handsome, I guess he is what we call metro sexual guy. Lots of hair on the top. I could marry him if I see him today. LOL

  21. If Friday Shoot-Out isn't a good reason to be late to work, what is? Some cool shots here - I love the personal connection with your grandfather's work.

  22. better late than never - Camillo in Rio for 3 days so no one here to know I spent more than two hours on the internet today. LOL>
    I am not enthusiastic for Ray Mosteller.
    I like your natural shots much better - two much playing in photoshop and you know longer have a well taken photo -
    I am stealing one of your photos to give to ChefE for the new header banner. Okay? well its too late I already took one. but if you want to choose your own send her a photo with your name embeded onto the photo....

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