Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Gone Fishing...

Well, not really fishing. More like gone flat.

I read a quote by Robert Frost: "Don't write unless you have something to say. Until you have something to say, go find something to say."

So I'm gone for a little while to find something to say. Or something to photograph. Or maybe I'm just going to take a lot of naps for the next several days.

I kind of feel like I have mono. Although, in high school, they called that the "kissing disease." So I probably have something else.

Wake me up for Thanksgiving.


  1. A few naps is OK, but then... we expect something! :-)

  2. Napping is good. Maybe you'll dream something to write or maybe you'll write about your dreams.

  3. Oh, oh, I sense another dream story coming up.
    That is good. I have to go find old adventures to blog about, not many new ones popping up these days.

  4. Oh no! You might have the beginning of the flu. Take care. Return as soon as you can.

  5. Yeah, a few naps ought to do it. Thumb your nose at the flu bug, have some great, inspiring dreams, write about them, take care and return soon!

    Take care,


  6. I'm back. I'll take over the post responsibilities in a couple of days. Take a vacation (and then you'll need to rest).

  7. Go find an immune booster. The world seems to be full of bugs right now....


  8. Being greedy, I not only want you to bring back great material for a post, but wanted you to know I'll take my fish with a little butter, salt and a sprinkle of fresh lemon.

    Then I'll go back to my vegetarian diet. lol

  9. Take your time Mark...


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