Wednesday, October 7, 2009

I haven't disappeared totally - and a bizarre poem

Uusually I say that I'm going to take a break from blogging and then, of course, blog more than ever. But it seems I haven't blogged since last week so I actually did take a break this time and so I should mention that I'm still alive -- in case anyone is wondering.

And I know I'll never catch up on reading all of your blogs but I know they were wonderful and it's been my loss.

And I don't have much to say now so I've found a poem I wrote in 2005...a bit weird and not awfully inspirational...but it is what it is:


Hunched under chains of old memories
dug up, dragged back by bits
that make my teeth grind against
your effort to reattach them,
mismatched fantasies of several sizes
on this torso of rigor
until I walk lopsided, stiff
on rotted but still unbending dreams,
skull stuffed with stifled muses
seducers and saints,
the eye of an eagle, the nose of a dog.
I stumble up hill from children
who carry hopeful torches in their bellies,
to hide in windmills
blowing hard rock out
the pegs in my neck.

I think I will have an abbreviated shootout on Friday, however.


  1. Well, welcome back. We all know poems come from deep inside and convey what one really thinks about. I guess 4 years ago you were totally confused, opposed to just mildly confused today. LOL

  2. sorry I didn't know you were gone, been taking a break. Actually inadvertant break, everything I think about writing ends up sounding 'poor pitiful me' or depressed or depressing, so I've not written anything. read one of your comments on someone elses blog and laughed for, well, 35 seconds, was great.

  3. I am now going to try IE browser to see if I can post. For some reason all my pearls of wisdom are not being received by your blog since I got my PC back from the Doctor.

  4. Oh good. For a while there I thought you had blocked me from commenting! LOL

  5. WoW.....were you having a fugly day when you wrote that? Quite powerful I thought actually :)

    I missed you....


  6. I think Bagman should write a poem. Pleeeze. Now, your poem was very dark and serious. I like dark and serious. I like everything. But you were the sunshine in my day, the flower in my vase, the laughter at the end of a long day. So shape up and amuse me.

  7. Really great, actually, but how far down were you? Glad you got back up! I like the word Michelle used "fugly day"! I've had more than a few of those and some lately. Have missed you -- all of you! Glad to see you back.


  8. On the whole that is a bit dark but individual lines are fantastic -
    skull stuffed with stifled muses
    seducers and saints - inspirational??
    Or maybe I'm just forgiving myself for some of my equally dark verse. What the hell, we all go to that place sometimes, but some don't have the guts to talk about it.