Friday, July 30, 2010

Friday Shootout - Things that Remind me of Barry

It has been a busy week and I did not think I would get to post anything this Friday.  But that was an excuse.  I really didn't know how I could handle "Things that Remind me of Barry."   It has astounded me to discover how much grief I can feel over someone that I have only met on the Internet. 

But I stopped this afternoon and looked at other posts.  Some photos, but mostly thoughts.  And I had to add something.  But what. 

I remembered that back in November, Barry wrote a post about getting his affairs in order.  That was hard to read.   And I then wrote an open letter to Barry.  I was nervous about it because although I knew he was going to be around for awhile longer, I wanted to but my emotional affairs in order too.  It was a kind of goodbye letter...premature, of course, and I was afraid he'd take it wrongly.  But, of course, he didn't.  He loved it.  And now, I am glad I wrote it then.  Because it would be too late to write it now. 

I'll post a link to it - Letter to Barry .   But of course he doesn't need human electronic links any more. 

God, I miss him!


  1. Hi Mark. It's been sad, huh? Re-reading your post, a risky one from last November, seems an especially appropriate thing to do today. I'm glad you had a chance to put that out there.

  2. I lost another blogger this week- I miss him too

    A former poet/slam performer from Austin Texas passed and she wrote/read her last piece, and it seems appropriate to share it with you...

    Gabrielle Bouliane

  3. We all do. Amazing to me how the warmth of a special person can be conveyed via the Internet and via their blog. But good writers (such as you) can reveal that humanity that captures us all. I miss him so very much and this is the third blogging friend I have lost since I started. I never expected that part of blogging.

  4. When I did my post today I thought I cannot look in any direction outside without thinking of Barry. The beauty of nature and through him the beauty of the human nature. This is a phenomenal event, to me, the love and support that has been generated by this electronic medium. Had to change my address for security reason so wanted you to recognize my new picture and link. I am lily on the link up list, but still

  5. sigh I miss him too. I wake up thinking about him and as much as I miss him I always wake up with a smile on my face when I think of him.
    i loved it when you wrote this letter.

  6. Me too. I marvel, as well, at how attached I felt (still feel) to this sweet, wise, gentle man. Blogging won't be the same for me without him.

    Take care Mark, I know you two had a special relationship. It was clear Barry had a special place in his heart for you.

  7. It took me all week to come up with a post the wasn't emotional but still conveyed in some small way how I feel. I didn't say that Barry makes me think about how we shouldn't hesitiate to say 'I love you' when we have the chance. We don't say openly how we feel so many times, then it is too late. Well 'I love you' Mark. You have brought me so much pleasure over the last couple of years. But this is not a goodbye it a HELLOO!!! are you there?

  8. M, B and B - it all started so silly and cute, and somewhere along the way we became attached to each other, involved in each other's lives, and dear friends. Thank-you for sharing this with us, as you share your life as well.

  9. I went back to that letter , and wonder how I missed that, because I usually always read your post. it was good to write him that letter.

    I think, down in our heart, the leaving was inevitable. (Sorry Linda if you are reading this.) I just felt so bad that Barry was suffering so much.

    It is good also we can laugh sometimes. I LOl at this.

    But of course he doesn't need human electronic links any more.

    Yes, Barry doesn't need it.

  10. It's wonderful to say these things to a person while they're still here to hear them. And talk back!
    I hope to read more of you, whether for FSO or not. You too always make me think, and laugh. I love you, blogfriend!

  11. I miss him, too, and have been curious all week to see what you'd post today, so I'm glad you contributed! I'm sending you a virtual pat on the back and consoling cup of tea.

  12. hard to believe we won't be reading his comments again. very nice tribute to Barry Mark.

  13. Mark, I remember that post very clearly. Remember how I wished I had the courage to publicly declare my feelings. Now I'm envious that you said goodbye.
    Of all the tributes to Barry this FSO, this is the most touching to me! Love you guys.