Sunday, August 7, 2011

Poetry Jam - Elegy

Elegy for the Actress
Strange I can't recall her name
so much in love I was

at sixteen in black and white
flickering screen, wet underwear at night.
Even as a married man, an L.A. business trip
a guilty affair on bended knees
to  kiss her star on Hollywood Boulevard
dreaming she would be driving by
notice my act and take me home. 

In last week's obits, I saw she had died
after a long illness.  They listed her credits.
Stunned.  Speechless.  Confused.
I thought she had died years ago.

Or maybe it was another one
whose name I can't recall. 


  1. Poignant ... yes, they do seem to fade years before (in our minds) their actual demise.

  2. I've had this experience before - made me feel kind of guilty that the person had not in fact died. But I guess they were dead to their public life. In other news, last night I dreamed that I was trying to get Paul McCartney to kiss me. And he wasn't even my favorite Beatle. I liked Mike (oh wait, he was a Monkee, wasn't he?).

  3. I loved the line about an affair on bended knee. It's a perfect set-up for the line that follows. This is another priceless brain-fart poem from you.

  4. I think we can all relate a bit to this one. Donny Osmond *sigh* Oh, wait, he's alive--there's still a chance for us! Great poem.

  5. Great Poem. I too, like the line about an affair on bended knees to kiss her star on Hollywood Blv. Brilliant!

  6. Yes, I had the same feelings for Suzi Quatro, but she's very much alive and may still one day notice me, even though we live in different countries.
    Sorry for posting as anonymous but Blogger is playing silly buggers.

  7. I've had that feeling before-thinking someone famous had already died when, in fact, they had not or just had. Also had the fantasy of being swept off by a movie star. Hasn't happened (yet).