Thursday, November 10, 2011

Friday Shootout - Letter "A" - plus something for last week

I hate to miss two shootouts in a row so I am determined to throw something together before continuing with my "Make House Saleable To Do List" which today includes:
  • Touching up mistakes from yesterday
  • Removing and cleaning floor vents
  • Moving excess furniture to storage
  • Replacing weatherstripping
  • Pressure washing driveway and bricks on house
  • Replacing caulk in bathrooms
I'm already exhausted.  But this will be fairly quick.  You may have noticed that Bagman and Butler haven't been around much.  I think they got tired of my griping and are on vacation in Jamaica. 

The Letter "A" is for:

Aircraft Carrier
USS Yorktown - popular tourist attraction in Mt. Pleasant

I need to visit this again sometime and shoot some detail stuff and I should do it soon because, while nicely painted where the tourists are, the bottom of this old ship is rusting out.  The city can't figure out where to get the millions of dollars required to refurbish it -- NO NEW TAXES! -- so will be in danger of sinking in a few years.  Although it is in such shallow water and pluff mud that it may have sunk already.


(This one was walking across our back yard a couple of summers ago)

I could let this pass without an acknowledgement of my grandfather

Absurd Architecture

And that does it for this week.   Although I do want to get partial credit for at least trying to post on last Friday's scary signs shoot.  I had found a couple to put on my post but I ran out of time and couldn't get it up.

BEEP!   Being fluent in Beep-ese, as I reported earlier, I realize I had a text message on my phone.  I was, surprisingly from Bagman!

BAGMAN (texting):  "LOL!  Couldn't get it up!!  LOL!"

Ignoring him, I continued hastily posting a couple of late pictures for last week.

A scary sign from Oaxaca, Mexico
I think it tells me what to do in case of fire or earthquake.
I decided that I would just run.

As if I really needed a sign...

Mandatory Cruise Ship Lifeboat Drill
As I get older, I probably need signs like this
on all my clothes.

No time to put something cute on my header this week.  I need to go and to pull out the pressure washer...


  1. Your house is going to be so clean, updated and lovely that you will not want to sell it. I miss B&B, but everyone should have a holiday.

  2. What would happen if you turned the pressure washer on the acrobat?! That could put her in a spin.

  3. I would have freak out if I see an alligator crawl pass my yard! I've seen a few signage warning of crocs at the Sungei Buloh Wetland here but thank God I didn't see it when I went for a visit, just the monitor lizards...pheww

  4. The idea of having an alligator walking through one's back yard is fascinating! All I ever see are blackbirds, magpies, cats (including my own) and the occasional robin and red squirrel.

  5. Perhaps putting the picture of the alligator in the back yard on the wall might make your house more saleable - or not!

    As for having front on the jacket - I need left and right on my shoes nowadays. Good job it doesn't matter with socks.

  6. Such clever Letter A's. I guess you ARE planning to mention the Alligator in your Realtor Disclosure papers. Glad to see you weren't demonstrating the life jackets Front while Floating! Good luck on your de-cluttering and sale.

  7. Some great photos. I would not care for an alligator either. I am sure they are everywhere down there. Yes you must disclose that critter.

  8. Thank you for starting my day off with a smile- I love the photo of you in the life jacket. I'm not telling my recent fashion faux pas but it seriously wounded my ego. I say it is because of my failing eyesight... and that photo of the alligator in your back yard? Egads!!.

  9. It's so much fun to scratch a line though finished tasks. Getting a home ready for sale is a LOT of woe, though.

    Hmmm. Better hide that photo of the alligator from any and all prospective buyers. Not a selling point, I fear. :))

  10. Wow you have done all the winter works we have not done ours yet. I had a good laugh with all that signs. I guess when we grow mature we need those a lot hahaha!


  11. If that list of tasks is for one day, I think those other two should hauls their butts back and help you!

    I'm not even going to think about an alligator in my back yard, have memories of living near crocodiles and don't want to stir them up. So, for me, the acrobat is my favourite shot. And the Front sign - love it.

  12. An alligator in a backyard is a scary thing. but the photo is great.

  13. With alligators walking across the back yard I'm surprised you did not decide to move sooner... I hope none of those come by at the same time as prospective buyers ;)