Wednesday, July 25, 2012

OMG! Trapped in reality!! Swear swear swear

Our old house is empty except for a bed, a little food, a television and -- of course -- my computer fortress holding out until the last minute. 

We vacate this house Sunday and move into the new house Tuesday. 

And, despite promises that it is coming soon, there is curerently no fucking Internet service available!! 

(Please know that I have always been careful to avoid using obscentity in my blog...but this time, I think, it is appropriate).

I'm told that there are some wireless hotspots available. 

Great.  People who tell me that obviously have no concept of how I use the Internet.  I am not happy and several additional swear words would be appropriate here as well but I am restraining myself.  

I feel like Amelia Earhart and my plane is going down into some mysterious jungle.  I suppose that occasionally I will take Karen's laptop to Barnes and Noble to hunt for wifi but until I can bludgeon some cable providers into recognizing our street as a viable market for their services, I'm trapped in reality.  I may actually have to talk to people.  Damn.  

But I promise, like Douglas McArthur, "I shall return!"

And, begging your pardon again, "Shit!"  


  1. Oh nooooo! This sounds horrible. Hopefully you will find some type of service soon. By the way, under the circumstance the profanity is completely understandable ;)

  2. On a different note - isn't it amazing how little of our prized possessions we really need on a daily basis, and how telling the choice of items we leave with us until the last minute? Bed, food, and computer would be what I'd stick to as well, whereas the television could be one of the first things to be packed up :-)

  3. Ah yes, the TV -- on the other hand, the Olympics are just starting! Although we'd probably keep the TV even if nothing was on. Addicted, I know.

  4. Ditto: that is a sad state for someone who is so creative. My brother moved to the river bank with the boat and everything he ever wanted but no ways or means for the internet. SIL has been working on finding a way for 2 days now. Like you she has to go to the library. Wow is me.

  5. Oh yes the Universe is providing you with the Olympics ...
    Hello I'm Bagman and I'm addicted to the internet!
    Just take it an hour at a time .... hahahahaha
    OR parachute into a bit city with non-stop wifi ...better not make it London though! xx

  6. I got a huge bill ($261.15) from Comcast due to an expiration of some promotion they put me in months ago, I get Internet, phone and TV from them. I called and explained that I wanted to reduce my bill and they offered me another promotion. I said no. Just drop all the premium channels. I cannot afford them and they are a distraction. Finally they agreed to this and amazingly this happened instantly. HBOHD, Starz, etc. was gone before I hung up the phone. Not clear why they cannot provide better service in other areas. They charge a fortune once you are hooked up. Be calm. Go to Barnes and Noble. Remember you are in the middle of a move which psychiatrists say is a very stressful time!

  7. Alright, I found this funny when you said people have no idea how I use the internet. I think I do. The place we rented at the beach this year did not have internet. I was so bored I came home!!! Really, I've been home since Monday ...but going back tomorrow. I have the car after all, the rest of the fam is trapped without me.

  8. Might I suggest you go camp out at your sponsor's house till you get internet at home? How about living at the nearest Starbucks? We miss ya.

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