Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Hey! I'm changing clothes in here! No cameras!

Can't a molting cicada get a little privacy?

BAGMAN:  "Cicada?  I thought it was a locust?"

BUTLER: "I think locusts are in Egypt and come in larger numbers."

I'm not really sure so I will just skip off into the day singing to myself, "You say cicada, I say tomato...."


  1. That is quite a beautiful photo. The color is brilliant. Off with the old, on with the new. Good philosophy.

  2. Hello from Verona, Italy. in the movies when locust are shown it is always grasshoppers, this is a great question - are the locust and the grasshopper the same, or of the same family... ? great shot.

  3. Oh, how cool!
    Seriously, how DO you pronounce cicada? And is this the noisy kind that only comes out every 17 years?

  4. My girl scouts used to get the casings they left behind and wear them on their shirts. I only dealt with Power Girls of course.