Thursday, October 20, 2011

Friday Shootout - Something borrowed, somethng blue

Who thought up this one??!!!   I hated it.   But if I skipped it, I'd really be in hot water. 

I thought of taking the easy route and shooting my neighbor's recycle bin.  It's blue and recycling means taking something old and making it new.  And since I have more soda cans than I can fit in my bin, I often borrow some of his.  

Any way...his bin was in his garage and it wasn't very photogenic anyhow.  So I  just pushed on.


The lazy part of me thought about just hitting the archives and maybe using a shot of Stonehenge but that's not even in my country, let alone my hometown.   But at least it was old.

This fellow is not so old but he's old enough to be an antique.  I grew up playing with him as a child although I wonder what my grandfather thought about that.  My grandfather was an artist and studied in France after the War in 1914.  This was a manikin he bought in Paris at the time so it qualifies for fairly old anyhow.  You can't see his foot in the grass but it was once chewed a little by my dog Skippy.  He's been with me ever since.  I'm not sure why I call him "him" because my grandfather noted that it was carved to be neutral.  It has a masculine chest but it's hips are more feminine.  So I guess if it ever figures out its sexuality, the transgender surgeons will have an easy time.


Easy decision here.  It has to be new granddaughter, Kay. 


If I hadn't already used my neighbor's truck as my favorite thing because I "borrow" it all the time, I could have used that.  But I already did.  So... I got philosophical!  I'm very grateful for it, but at 65, I'm becoming more and more aware that my  body is only on loan to me.  I've enjoyed the use of my body over all these years although I've abused it somewhat so I'm hoping for some forgiveness when I turn it in.   A few things  don't work on it anymore but duct tape fixes anything, they say.


I had to cheat and hit my archives for this one.  I call it "The Fan" and he's probably blue because his team lost and he is hoping that if he stays long enough the score board will magically change.

And that's all folks.  Next time I'm asked for an idea for a shootout, I'm going to plan it better.


  1. amazing you didn't break that toy. None of the toys I played with when I was young is still around. My older brother liked to open then up.

    The baby is a favourite of course, that kiss is so gentle. like I mentioned in my post, no weddings, and no babies for me.

  2. You are such a wonderful storyteller Mark. I love visiting your blog and reading your gems.
    Keep on keeping on my friend
    Peggy xxxxx

  3. Your grandfather's mannequin looks a little like C-3PO from "Star Wars". Very photogenic too. Entertaining and playful as usual!

  4. Every time you do a post as part of the "Friday My Town Shootout" I wonder what pictures I would use if I were participating in this. For old and borrowed things, my flat is quite the treasure trove, so this time, I wouldn't have had to go far! Books from the library and my grandparents' old living room furniture would certainly qualify.

  5. PS: And the blue shirt suits you!

  6. I haven't participatede this week nothing personal - mere laziness, I'm afraid). Great choices from you and your comment about your body is going down in my quotations book. :-)

  7. As amusing as ever. I tried to take a photo of my old hand for old but it looked so horrific I chickened out. Much duct tape needed!

  8. I see you're in blue this week!

  9. I got a little side-tracked wondering if that other fellow you're lying next to in the third picture is Bagman or Butler.

    Love the old manikin. I have one but I can't get him to sit like that. (I just tried.) Though much younger than yours he's less bendable at the hips!

  10. I can hardly wait for your next 'Theme Contribution'. This one sure tested the Befuddlemental Options of Here Comes The Bride!

    Thanks for the 'DuctTape Tip'. I'm adding it to my List of 'Fixin' Stuff via Southern Engineering'.

  11. Very cool mannequin. All my grandfather left me was his the old rifle he used to keep by the door in case someone broke in, which they never did, because back then people didn't break into houses. He was in the war, so I guess he always expected the enemy to pop in.

    Love the photo of "you" by the tree. I think you could use that in a retirement commercial. Just sprinkle some money around you, and roll the camera.

  12. Ok, I had to enlarge the third one- my old eyes just don't work as good as they used to. Neat statues!

  13. Lucky you, your father left you something. Your post makes me smile ^_^ Thanks for sharing.

  14. Good presentation Mark. Interesting theme but hard for me to get all in one shot.

  15. I really like the "Something Blue" shot. There's something so lonely, yet hopeful about it.

  16. I really like this scavenger hunt and everyone's take on it Mark. you did great! love all your choices for the hunt but really like your story on the MANnequin.

  17. I have been away for a while and for even longer I have omitted to visit my blogger friends! Happy to find you again and enjoy your specific way of writing! :-)

    I'm Peter, for some reason I have to sign is as anonymous. Maybe I have been absent for too long?

  18. Congrats on the new granddaughter! Glad to see all is going well with you....