Monday, October 17, 2011

OMG! I'm going to have to pull the plug!!

I'm not sure I can do it!  But the carpet guys men on tomorrow!  (Or later today since this may not post until after midnight).

Did I tell you that we Karen have decided to move so we Karen can be closer to the grandchildren?  So we are suddenly in a non-stop frantic sweat to do everything to the current house that we should have done for ourselves years ago. 

And the upstairs needs all new carpets because...well...

we can almost hide the signs of our dogs marking their territory despite the fact that they never paid rent so it wasn't really their territory.   But the grandchildren have been more creative.   Melted lollypops, chocolate ice cream (weren't they suppose to eat that at the table?), and something that looks like they used a welding torch on a green plastic dinosaur and dripped it in the corner.   

So tomorow or later today, the carpet men come.

They will do the heavy lifting, they say, to clear rooms of furniture, but we need to get all the small stuf off the shelves.   Not a problem in the rooms where Brian, Melody, Conner, and Noah were living.  But my studio is a disaster.   Boxes of slides, old photos, tools, wires, printer ink cartridges, a thousand frames from when I once had a bigger studio to put them in...

...and, because it was handy, it has also become the storage space for everything else in the house that didn't have a space.  Kids clothes, kids toys hidden for next Christmas, stuff I don't even recoqnize.  I suspect that the Town's Waste Management Department may have started using my room as an extension of the landfill.  Without the smarts of a dog, I guess I forgot to mark my territory.  Too late now.

At least I found a temporary place for the books.

I just noticed the wallpaper in the upstairs bathroom.
(Aftrer 15 years)
It's awful!

Anyhow, I can cope with all of this except for one thing that terrifies me.   Sometime shortly before the dreaded carpet men arrive, I will have to shut down and disconnect my computer including the wireless connections to the internet!

How will I survive the day?!  

I did get a reminder of how people lived in prehistoric times from a distant but very cool cousin and I'll break my rule against posting unoriginal stuff one more time:

So, with any luck, I'll survive without the computer for a day -- hopefully not two -- and once we've moved all the stuff back onto the new carpets and locked out dogs, cats, and grandchildren, I'll hopefully reconnect and, with any luck, write another blog. 

Maybe I'll bring up a bowl of chocolate ice cream.


  1. Just don't drop any ice cream on the new carpet!!

  2. Oh dear...!!! I do not envy you that task. And my Librarian's eyes almost popped out at the sight of the piles of books in front of the *ahem* pretty wall paper.
    Hope to hear from you again soon!

  3. And I wonder when the next time you will crack me up! The light was always off silly...

    Also that drawing looks a lot like my zombie renderings the other night...and the light was off too...hmmm...

  4. ...snd you wondered what you were going to do after retirement. That wall paper is going to give me nightmares!! I've moved twice in my life and both times we kick ourselves for spending money improving our house when we aren't even going to enjoy it. Your misfortunes/frustrations make good laughs for your readers. So funny!

  5. I figured you all were going to move but looks like you have some definite plans. There will always be something to do even after the plug is pulled. Just hang on there's just enough breath to make it through one day. Good luck and hurry back. You might be gasping by the time you get back. I am out of breath just laughing at this post.LOL

  6. OMG Moving. Yeah, bad wallpaper, but move? Away from home, and meetings, and sponsor? Oh dear.

  7. I don't envy you mate! I haven't moved for 11 years so it is a bit like child birth you forget the pain!
    Maybe you might have a bit of a cleanup/clearout while you have the chance.....I know you won't miss the wallpaper!
    Big hugs
    Peggy xxxx

  8. The thought of moving brings on nightmares for me. I just finished cleaning out our office and putting new furniture in there. That was bad studio and my husband's garage would take a year to determine what to keep and what has to go. I do not envy you.

  9. We are living similar lives as I'm not moving but am painting and having new carpets installed throughout the house. I dealt with the books last week and it was am exhausting two days. This week I get to deal with the office and both kids rooms. Good luck!

  10. Honestly, my heart goes out to you! I've moved more times than I can count and always remember the advise of a real estate agent who said don't do too much to your house to prepare it for sale - leave something else for the new owners to do and remember their taste will be different. Just thought I'd share that! :)