Wednesday, October 19, 2011

I'm Back

Sort of.

Computer is up and running so I feel alive again.  (I should probably try a year without a computer at all and see how surprised I would be to discover that I actually have a body).

But I know I have a body because it aches from moving furniture and books.

I'd like to use this time as a rationale for organizing my stuff.   See if I can have the courage to throw some of it away.  But I'll probably look at two or three things, then give up and throw everything helter skelter and willy nilly back on to the shelves. 


  1. Welcome back, Mark!!!
    A year without computer? But then - how would you keep us, your regular readers, up to date about the experiment...?

  2. It is so difficult to toss out memories but having said that it is also very freeing to get rid of clutter.
    Give it go Mark, one book at a time.
    Peggy xxxxx

  3. I feel a poem coming on. Always happy to see a new BB post.

  4. Pitch the stuff Mark, it is well worth it. Took me a while but once I got started I was on a roll. It makes you feel joyful.

  5. I did not know you were gone, but welcome back.

  6. Oops. Like you have a XXX spammer in Candice.