Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Consolidating my habitual apologies into one for 2012

I just finished (3 days past schedule) my annual task of copying all of my blogs for the last year and printing them up and filing them in a loose leaf notebook in case one of my ancestors...I mean descendants...(or anyone else for that matter)...finds themselves with nothing better to do than read all the stuff I've been writing.  

According to Blogspot I have written 524 posts.  OMG!

(I hate the OMG LOL stuff -- it makes me sound like a teenage girl.)

All of this is a digression because what I really wanted to say was that as I copy, paste, and print all of last year's posts, I tend to remember them and read snatches of them.   And with great embarrassment, I discovered that there is a terribly boring and not very appealing theme that runs through all of them. 

In almost every post, no matter what the subject is, I tend to whine about how busy I am.   What a wuss!(Whatever "wuss" means).   Everybody's busy.   And I tend to constantly apologize for not blogging more or for reading more blogs.

I don't make New Year's Resolutions -- but since it is already January 3rd and too late for New Year's Resolutions anyway, I'll just say that I'm going to try to avoid incessant apologies  and complaints.  But that is not very easy for me to do -- so I'll make one set of apologies for the entire year:

During 2012:
  • I'm sorry for constantly whining about real and mundane life.
  • I'm sorry for not reading as many blogs as I'd like.
  • I'm sorry for not making as many comments on the blogs of people who follow me or people I follow -- (you know I love you all anyway).
  • I'm sorry for missing the Friday Shootout from time to time.
  • I'm sorry if I happen to go for several days without posting.
  • I'm sorry for saying 'I'm sorry' so much.
There.  Done.  Fini.  


  1. Ha! I know you read and you even post on some of mine, and I do appreciate it - and the support that goes along with that.

  2. I am thinking I should print out all my blog posts, although I really don't know why. There is also a service called blog 2 print that will make a book out of your posts. Something to consider.

  3. I need to share this with my husband who is the sorriest individual on the planet (other than you apparently). He apologizes sometimes & then when I press him he can't really tell me WHY. Now that's sorry!

  4. I am sorry I read this post...not really. You make an interesting teenage girl, by the way. I keep thinking I should print out my blog posts...or at least a selection of them, but how do you afford all that ink and paper? Do you print in color? Do you actually print all? Does it make us think what we write is important enough for those who follow us? Ooops too many questions, I am so sorry!

  5. Wow - two posts yesterday!
    Tabor, I want the answers to your questions - so if Mark answers email them to me.
    Mark, once again the need for a (small) discussion group comes up.
    last year I made my resolution in March - it didn't help waiting until I really knew what I needed to change - cause in the end I didn't change it....(Lol! ?)

  6. Are you still going to apologize if anything new comes up during 2012 which you feel sorry about?
    And I very much agree with Tabor, you'd make an interesting teenage girl! Bagman probably wouldn't object :-)