Friday, January 20, 2012

Friday Hometown Shootout - Glass

Shattered, shattered, shadoobie...or something like that.  The Rolling Stones song is the background music in my head as I wander down to the B&B studio to see what we can pull together for today's shootout. 


I open the door, push my head cautiously inside.   The floor is covered with shards of glass.  I am very glad that I am wearing shoes for a change.

BUTLER: "I told Bagman not to try and build a tower out of glasses."

BAGMAN: "It would have made a great picture!"

"Please tell me you didn't use our good crystal."


Subdued, I sit down at the computer and begin posting some pictures for this week's theme.

Street View through glass - Charleston, SC

Street View through glass - Murphy, NC

This is not much of a picture by itself.  It was texture in an overhead ceiling light at a conference center where I was attending a very important meeting.  And obviously a very boring meeting.  I thought I might use the colors or shapes in some Photoshop manipulation someday.  "And we need to get our lobbying strategies together to oppose this legislation blah blah"   Retirement is wonderful.

Scan of a slide taken in 1970.
I think this was a piece of amber
(Isn't that kind of like glass?)

This was a skylight at the Atlanta Art Museum (I think)
I liked it better upside down.

Reflection in a ceramic vase
(Isn't ceramic something like glass?)

Part of Karen's bottle collection

Part of a class bowl that was for sale in a shop
taken just before the shop owner asked me
not to take pictures.
(Why not, I wonder...but didn't ask)

And that's about all I've got this week.  I see that Butler has swept up all the broken glass from the floor.  I wonder why Butler did it when Bagman, who is lounging in the corner reading magazines was the one who broke it in the first place.  But that's Butler for you...

"I left some doughnuts on the table," I say, starting to leave.

BAGMAN (jumping up and running toward the table and then starting to hop when he steps -- barefoot as usual -- on a shard that Butler missed):  "Wait a minute!  I wanted to post this one."

Appropriately weird

I head off for breakfast and to check the morning stock prices.  I'll be back over the weekend to relish everyone elses' posts.

IMPORTANT NOTE:  The author of this post has an up-to-date, valid poetic license.  No crystal glasses were actually harmed in the production of this blog.


  1. If I were in full Librarian mode, I'd have to say something about amber, how it is formed and why it can not really be classified as glass, but I have only just gotten up, after too little sleep because of a thunderstorm (I know! in January!!) that was noisy enough to keep me awake for some part of the early hours of the morning. So, I'll just say that, as usual, your choice of pictures is great and surprising and intriguing. I especially like the last one, not because it is a baby's face but because of the very unusual perspective.
    And why is it, I wonder, that none of the cats I had the privilege to know personally (including the one that shares my life at present) "get" glass? When they are on one side of a window and I am on the other, no matter how often I put my finger to the window pane, they will try to sniff it from the other side. Even the cleverest one I've ever had living with me did that. Not having enough experience with dogs, I don't know whether they are the same.

  2. And I repeat my question of how you index these. You cannot just go through tons of photos looking for the right ones??? Or do you do that? I think the last one is not odd but very very nice. It is like art in that it says several things to me!

  3. The last one is very creative. Of course that is the name of your game and I love to visit. Enjoyed the header manipulation.

  4. Oh, the through the glasses shot is amazingly creative. You need to put your own photo on Featured Photos! Really! Love the stained glass look in your header photo this week.

  5. I'm glad no crystal was broken because that means Bagman did not cut his bare feet, right?

    Love that photo of the baby and the glasses! It's a masterpiece.

  6. That last shot is just wonderful!

  7. Who wouldn't be impressed by that last shot? Only a creative soul would see the opportunity. And I really like your "forbidden" glass shot.

  8. some of my favorite photos are one that I snuck when told not the last shot

  9. I love that last shot! and that glass bowl is so pretty, I would have grab that if I'm in that shop. Btw, most shops here do not allow photography in their store too.

  10. I think my favourite is the fan shape of those windows in the art museum. But I did have to turn my laptop upside-down to see it both ways!

  11. I like your change of masthead, and the final image!

  12. Im happy for the crystals ... and more especially about the last picture you fianlly added! :-)