Monday, January 16, 2012

The New House -First of a series with an uncertain ending

A lot of this makes no sense.  We know it makes no sense, and yet we keep moving further and further into it.  At the end of each non-sensical decision, we look at each other and say, "What are we doing?!!"

So far, I've been documenting attempts to sell our current house so we can downsize and move closer to the grandchildren and Karen's work.  I say "documenting" instead of "blogging" because I sometimes use this blog to journal about things for the future.  Maybe not as entertaining but...

What I haven't mentioned much is what we have been doing to locate a house we can move into after our current one sells.  Assuming that it does.  Big assumption.

And we keep breaking all the rules or guidelines we set for ourselves going into the process.

Assumption #1:  We would look but we would not buy anything until we were sure our house had sold.  We can't afford to own two homes. 

Assumption #1 Broken:  We bought a house!   We'd be complete idiots but instead of buying someone else's house, we are having a new one built!  The advantage is that the contract has an out-clause in case we don't sell our house.   At some point in the building process there will be a "Go/No-Go" meeting -- probably in a couple of months.  At that point, if our house has not sold we can walk away without losing our down payment.

Assumption #2:  We will downsize.

Assumption #2 Broken:  The new home is bigger and more than we expected to pay

Kitchen in "Model Home"

Assumption #3:  We will be moving nearer the grandchildren and Karen's work.

Assumption #3 Partially Broken:  Well, it is a little closer but not all that much. 

What are we doing?!!


  1. So what was it that made you break your own rules over this one? The out clause? Or some very clever strategy from the sales person who talked you into it? :-)

  2. Since I have already passed through this exact same window in my life I realize this is a psychological thing that retirement or pending retirement does to you. You get that fresh start bug, because you are NOT at the end of your life...just starting something new and better. I had a lengthy blog on the building of my house (custom which is far more dangerous)and I would refer you to all the fun stuff...but I deleted it at the end after printing it out.

  3. Mark HH and I did the same thing. But after all as the family enlarges and it will we needed more room for visits and holiday time etc. There is a strange thing about teens, I know yours are not there yet, but they can go nowhere not even to grands without a buddy. So the family and extended family just keeps growing. Hoping your house sells.

  4. Nice kitchen! It was probably the downfall of all your assumptions. ;)

  5. Beautiful kitchen, but you might want to rethink buying a house with stairs....none of us are getting any younger and at the drop of a hat those stairs could become your nemesis. Just a thought.

  6. Sounds to me like what you're doing is having an exciting adventure - it sounds awesome! :)

  7. Yikes. It also sounds like a conversation I had with hubby last night.

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