Thursday, January 19, 2012

Glass Half Full Half Empty - Solved

Walking Daisy seems to be a time when ideas come into my mind.  Probably because my mind is pretty empty, particularly in the morning walk.  In winter both the evening and morning walks are done in the dark and aside from glancing into neighbors' windows as I walk by, there isn't much to see.  

In fact there isn't much to see in the windows of houses I pass by either except the same chandeliers that were there the day before.  And one guy who is always leaning over his computer in his second floor office -- always.  More than me even. 

Since that is the sum total of dog walking stimuli in suburbia, my mind puts my body on autopilot and curls up to sleep.  And ideas come to it.  

Most of them are too dumb, too Bagmanish, or too pessimistic to be be worth remembering.  But this morning, I suddenly realized the solution to whether my glass is half empty or half full.

Neither!  My glass is simply too big!  

If you ever wonder if your glass is half empty or half full, just get a smaller glass and bask in the fact that it is almost overflowing.  

In fact, if you don't have a glass at all, abundance just flows over you.   But I'm not quite ready to give up my glass.  For some reason, I still have the need to contain something and claim it as mine before I consume it. 


  1. Brilliant!!
    Your dog walks are my train rides. They are often a source of inspiration for my blog.

  2. A very deep thought for today, and very welcome to my ears, Sirs - I thank you for it, and wish you well, whatever you and yours decide, for your new abode...

    With love and thanks,

    Fhina x

  3. Here's wishing you successful pondering.

  4. Well, you sure do have a beautiful house now.