Tuesday, January 17, 2012

The New House - Second in an uncertain series

I don't have a clue whether we will be living in the house when it gets built or whether we will end up staying in the house we now have -- and that now has been fixed up with our sweat.

But the process began for real on the 12th.

Lot 44

We met with Tim Dupre, our go-to guy until we either walk away from the project or move in, to finalize plans and walk the lot to discuss which trees should go and which should stay.

Not that there is a whole lot of choice since the lot is small and the house has to be fairly square and can't be build like some snakey maze around trees.  Nor can we have a tree growing up through the livingroom floor and out through the roof.

Most of the trees are not all that nice anyhow -- pines and gum.  (No gums!!!  I don't want to be picking up spikey gum balls in my eighties!!  I've picked up enough of them during the last 13 years at our current house!)

I hate gum trees!

But out at Lot 44 we spot a nice live oak near the back of the lot.

"Hey, Tim!  Do you think we can save that one?"

His answer is a masterful combination of customer service and legal disclaimer.  He tells us that he will save all the trees he can -- (Except the gums!!!!) -- but that when they muck the lot, there is always a danger of damaging roots of big trees when taking out the little ones.

Mucking, we learn, is taking a big piece of heavy equipment, driven by someone getting paid minimum wage, and ripping up the place.  It is not lazer surgery.   Tim's promise to save all the trees he can seems a bit empty.

I begin feeling sorry for the trees so I go past the pack of the lot where there is a long cleared path for a powerline.  I am wondering if it might have the potential for a walking trail.

I turn to my right.

Are we moving into an industrial complex?
Walking away begins to seem more like a good thing.
What are we doing!!!???

Leaving Karen and Tim to debate tree extinction, I wander off to my left.

This is a bit more promising

As Karen says, "If we're meant to live there, we'll live there.  If we're meant to stay where we are, we'll stay where we are."

One of those great truths I've learned in A.A. over the years.

"Let go and let God."

"Make plans but don't plan results."


  1. Good luck Mark. A big decision, but it will work out the way it should.

  2. We have 4 Gum trees and I H.A.T.E. with all my heart and soul!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Good luck!

  3. You guys have quite a tough decision to make and even though you should just let destiny take it's course I am sure the two of you will have plenty of discussions about what to do.

  4. Let go and let God but you are doing just exactly the part you are supposed to do. Great attitude.

  5. There's downsides to everything. But upsides too! DOWN WITH THE GUM TREES!

  6. Good luck. We are still packing. How did we accumulate so much?

    Are you at the debate tonight? Watching it as we speak.