Friday, March 23, 2012

Friday Hometown Shoot Out -- Spires, Weathervanes, "Tops"

Afternoon clouds top the Ravenel Bridge in Charleston

BUTLER: "Wait a minute, Mark.  This is just a skyscape.  I don't think it really meets this weeks criteria."

"Sure it does," I argue.  "The bridge is beautiful but plain on top and needs something eye-catching over it."

BUTLER:  "Personally, Mark, I think you just like this picture and your ego has rationalized a way to insert it, regardless of the theme."

BAGMAN: "Yeah!  Just try'in to show off!"

Temporary Tops while building Ravenel Bridge (2004)

"Okay," I reply.  "How about this?  It's a structure, maybe temporary, but it was on top of the bridge for awhile.  And it's an ugly picture so you can't accuse me of having an ego."

BUTLER: "You still have an ego!  You will always have an ego.  So just admit it and stop trying to be cute and do some steeples and weathervanes."

Charleston skyline

 Looking at the skyline closely, I think I can count 7 steeples.  Charleston's knickname as far back as 1800 has been "The Holy City" because of the number of church steeples.  Today, people in other parts of South Carolina still call it "The Holy City" but they say it with great sarcasm and really mean "The Holier Than Thou City."  It's not just envy.  Charleston does have a huge number of holier than thou politicians.  It is a city with a bigger ego than mine.

BUTLER: "Don't forget that you chose to live here!"

"But I'm trying to move," I protest. "But I give up.  Here are some straightforward looking up shots.

Church Steeple
(If I was Scriptor, I'd know which church this was
and also the whole history of it.)
Church steeple with weathervane on top!

Some buildings have flags on top

The Regal Cinema in N. Charleston sends color upward

BUTLER: "You beginning to stretch it again, Mark."

"Why are you so critical today, Butler?"

BUTLER: "It's my job."

"I think you need a vacation."

Nature puts things on top

Looking up at some buildings, you just find advertisements.
(Boston, 1971)

BUTLER: "Hey!  Not your home town!"

"It was once!"

BAGMAN: "And boy did we raise hell there!!  I remember that street.  Our favorite bar was around the corner!"

BUTLER: "I'm surprised you were able to focus!"

As usual, I've reached the point where I just start ignoring my nagging colleagues and posting despite their bickering.

Reflection of a building top -- or spire -- or something
(Dallas, 1976)

This is a monument that "tops" and entire city
(Brigham Young overlooking Salt Lake City, 1987)

I ignore Butler and Bagman as they mutter, buy tickets to Tahiti, pack their bags, and leave to go on vacation, slamming the door behind themselves.

Continuing unperturbed -- But nobody decorates the looking up places like the Italiens.

And a statue of Christ on top of the Vatican --



As I come to the end of my blog, it dawns on me how quiet it is.  I try to tell myself that I don't miss Butler and Bagman already.  I also kick myself for not having gone with them. 


  1. Where were you to take the picture of the back of the statues on top of a Vatican building? And that colourful cinema - that is so utterly exotic to me, just like the average German imagines America!

  2. I missed B&B by the end of the blog also. I never know the names of churches or their history - sometime Camillo does and he gives me the scoop for blog entries. the second steeple is likely to have a cross on top not a weathervane - does 'the lord' need a weathervane? lol....

  3. So many lovely pics! Very creative and fun blog this week.

  4. Love that bright colours of the cinema, so eye catching! When I captured photos of churches, mosque, temples, any buildings...I will search for their names and photographed that too, It will come in handy when I need to find the history behind it.

  5. Fun as usual. I think it is an interesting topic but straight up is pretty dull. I went all over town today and ended up with the same old things. Love the flag framed in the bouncey thing.

  6. Great selection of tops, and the first photo looks like two robots going to nuke the whole city hehe. Thanks for sharing the photos and happy weekend!


  7. Reflection of a building top -- or spire -- or something
    (Dallas, 1976)

    when did you sneak into Auckland without telling me? I would have book for you a sky jump!!!! seriously, it looks like my Sky Tower.

  8. They are remarkably thin steeples - very impressive. (And I couldn't even tell where one of my churches was this week let alone recall its history!)

  9. Fantastic photography and banter!! I bet Butler appreciated spires! ;-) Especially loved the pidgeon/statue shot. Nice start to the morning.

  10. Well those are some steep steeples and impressive roof statues, but I think I'm most fascinated by that colourful cinema. Never seen anything like it.

  11. I really like the backs of the statues :) And you can move in with me! There's a spare room! I'm jealous of your photos & am tempted to take some Malahide-ian ones. Screw Dublin city centre...hello North County.

  12. And holy SHIT I just finally noticed yer man in the background of your photo with the welding goggles. Oh God.

  13. oh wait they're not welding goggles. Sorry!

    1. That was an old self-portrait from my heavy drinking-drugging days. What that welding goggle monicle actually is, is the screw top from a cheap bottle of wine.

  14. I love those old advertisements! The temp building tops are something I had not seen before.

  15. I think you managed to shoot the back of the statues on top of the Vatican because you were up there trying to figure out the Da Vinci Code.

  16. I'm a bit late getting around the FSO team. Good luck with choosing the Spotlights! If I were you (if I could possibly imagine that!) I'd choose the flag through the playground (?) equipment!

  17. B & B were particularly snarky to you today- perhaps they do need a vacation! I like those Italian tops- pretty cool!

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