Tuesday, March 20, 2012

It's coming along - assuming we ever sell our old house

I stopped by the site where our new house (ours, at least, if we ever sell our old one) is being built.

We are getting lots of showings - which is a pain in the butt since I need to straighten it up, make sure the kitty litter doesn't stink, then vacate for an hour or so, often with Kay.  From consistent feedback, there were two main reasons that people didn't want it. 

First they didn't like the wallpaper -- but we have now removed all of that.

Secondly, most of them comment that they don't like the master bedroom being right off the front entrance.  In retrospect, I can see that and wonder why it didn't grab us when we originally bought it.  But there is nothing I can do about the layout.

So we wait.


  1. Can you move the door to the master bedroom to another wall? Seriously, that might work.

    1. I actually considered that...but only briefly...followed your second comment instead. It is a crap shoot. So I'll roll the dice. Or, in case you meant "crap shoot" literally, load the shotgun and yell, "Pull!"

  2. Ignore what I said. Selling a house is frequently a crap shoot.

  3. Been there done that all last year. Long story made short........Never ever going to sell another house or move again.

  4. Can't believe people would NOT buy a house because of the wallpaper... how inflexible their minds are!! And who says you have to use the master bedroom as the master bedroom?

  5. Easy. Move the bedroom. ;-) Good luck--it is a pain.

  6. Agree with all the above. They just make those remarks because they think they are supposed to. The bottom line is the price that's all there is to it. If the price is just right they will forget the wallpaper. Tell them to put the dining room in there.

  7. Were you still waiting up until now for the lucky buyer of your house? It's been 7 months since then. I assume the construction of your new house has already been finished, and someone had already bought your old house. But if it still up at the market, I suggest having it renovated, so that buyers wouldn't notice the problems with it anymore.

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